Just a little project...


So I designed a yoyo and I’m looking for some feedback. How much are you willing to pay for something like this? Would you pay $70 for it? Would you pay $70 for bead blasted and raw or $55 for just raw? Anything you would change about it? The final products will have bearings and axles. Please leave what kind of bearing and string you’d like it to ship with. Please leave any questions or comments in this topic. Does any one know how to use emachineshop? I wasn’t able to do much on ems. If this goes well, I’ll probably start my own company ;D. On to the pictures

Scrapped my other designs, made another.

Diameter: 55mm
Width: 44mm (without bearing)
Weight: 66g (without bearing or axle)
Material: 6061 Aluminium
Finish: blasted and raw or just raw

New Design, cup made for finger spins ;D





Thank You for Looking! ;D

Scrapped the redesign, follow the link to see it:

Scrapped the original design, if you want to see it follow the link:


Looks great I would probably pay 75 for 50 for prototype the only thing is i would add a second lip on the catch zone toe keep the string from hitting the majority of the yoyo for horizontal play

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That is a ton of centerweight


Dude send me your CAD or post it here and Ill fix it up for you for free. It has WAY to much weight in the wrong places.


The design is being modified now by Zen. Thank you though for your input. I read somewhere that the yoyo you designed, the Gambit, was ultra smooth. How many were produced?

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Yea Gambits came out great! Only 10 were produced so far…


Thank God you said so far… Oh and guys this is the cup so far! Ill be fixing seat bearing tomorrow :slight_smile:


This looks great. To the OP, did you design the cup with fingerspins in mind? :slight_smile:


I did! Glad you noticed :D.


The first one I tried to keep it the same as the first design as much as could

The second one is more similar to the second design she did:

http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2847/9317596287_0c3d906dd4_b.jpg Also if anybody needs some CAD work done PM me.


I’m a she… But the design is looking good!


Sorry my bad :stuck_out_tongue:


New Design!


Looks very similar to the Lunarwind


Looks like a Positron/Megatron mix.


I was afraid someone might say that. I wasn’t really trying to copy the shape, but I kept on thinking that someone would see some similarities. They are different however and the thing that I want people to focus on is the cup. Also, I didn’t mean anything bad when I said that I was afraid the shapes were the same. The Lunarwind looks like a beast!