One drop cascade or g squared al7 quake or clyw summit

Witch one is better I can’t decide they all look cool

The 3 that you named are not that great on skin grinds. You might want a blasted yoyo for that. Between the Summit and the Cascade, I would pick the Summit.

The cascade is more of an acquired preference.

If it were me I would get a Summit. However the wide width isn’t for everyone, it’s really all just preference. If you want it wide and comfortable, get the cascade. If you want wide and a little bit more competition oriented, get the summit. If you want all around play, get the quake. The best for grinds is probably summit or cascade, the al7 quake that I tried was really good, but not for grinds.

Ya I decided it between the summit and cascade

Havent tried the quake but I have a Summit and Cascade. Summit is better IMO

Keep in mind that the cascade and quake are slightly undersized and the summit is more midsized so of course the summit will be a better competition throw. I myself love 53mm throws since they’re just really comfortable in my hand. The cascade is really the only onedrop I like since it’s got a bell shape that’s a lot more organic than most of their other throws and has a very unique feel on the string. I haven’t gotten to throw the quake though so can’t really give a good opinion of it. The summit on the other hand felt very solid and smooth but I didn’t really feel anything unique about it.

The AL7 Quakes are blasted and grind very well.

The previous AL7 yoyos were not
Blasted and did not grind as well.

I second that the al7 quakes grind like a boss.

Now that I think about it, it was very humid the day I tried it so that was probably the reason for the slightly worse grinds. I take my previous statement back, I’m sorry.

I think ill-get a summit