Cascade vs. Avalanche

How do the Cascade and Avalanche compare? What are the pros of cons of both? Im trying to decide which one to get but I’m not sure. Ive heard a lot of great things about the Avalanche but I feel like the Cascade might suit me better. I like a yoyo that plays fast, and grinds well. I’d like a yoyo that is very stable and doesn’t turn and tilt much. Basically I want a good grinder that plays fast but still forgiving… If you could tell me how these 2 compare to a Chief that’d be great too… Im having one coming my way :slight_smile:

If you cant decide between the cascade and avalanche, i suggest you get the summit. Its a combination of the two (litterally)

Im with this guy. One drop took the cascade and clyw took the avalanche and they combined them to make the summit. But if those are the only two you can get, I’d go with the cascade simply because the avalanche… Just didn’t fit me.

I see… I’ll look into that :slight_smile:

I only own the Cascade.

Now that’s out of the way, the Cascade goes fast and slow, smooth and choppy. It can do anything, though it’s not the most stable. Grinds are slightly better than average.

The Avalanche I think, I don’t know, would be floatier(?) and more stable.

Chief is big, fast, and floaty. Grinds well-ish.

I recommend the Avalanche. It can do all of the things you described and can go faster and is more stable than the Cascade. Compared to the Chief, it is a more solid throw. The Summit is also a great choice since it packs Avalanche play with Cascade wideness.