Should I grab a new benchmark H or a used cascade/summit?


I’m limited on cash and I need a new throw. The other day I was up in Amherst and I got to try out a couple throws, like the Cascade (OD), Rally(OD), Flow(HSpin), and tons of new stuff from YoYo Factory. I thought the flow was okay, but I didn’t have near the amount of money for it. However, my favorite two were the Benchmark H, and the Cascade, with the Cascade coming out on top in my mind. I was just going to buy a benchmark while I was there, however after using the cascade I realized there is a fairly big difference between them.

As for choosing a new yoyo, as said above I am currently between the benchmark H and cascade because I’ve used them, and I’m interested in the summit because I’ve heard good things about it. Now, I like One Drop (but I’m willing to look at other brands if anyone wants to try to sway me). My problem here is I don’t have the cash to spend for a new cascade, so I was wondering if someone could tell me if I should just get a new sparkly benchmark H, or should I wait until a cascade comes up in the B/S/T. I’ve never bought a yoyo from the B/S/T before.

Thanks for any help!!!


Summit hands down. They pop up on the BST all the time and it plays amazing


Also thinking about 54, so basically I’m thinking about (no specifics here):
-New Benchmark H
-Used Cascade
-Used Summit
-Used 54

Anyone have any opinions on new vs old when trying to not break the bank.


I’ve played all of those^^^^ and my favorite is definitely the Cascade, my least favorite was the Summit because it was too heavy for me. All of them are great throws, I’m sure you’ll be happy with whatever you get


Now there are conflicting arguments :V


Summit is the most well rounded throw. Everybody should have one.


The Cascade weighs more then the Summit of I remember correctly


Cascade: 66.9 grams (W/ Stock aluminum dome Side Effects)
Summit: 66.7 grams (W/ Stock aluminum ultra light Side Effects)

At that point you could just as well say they are identical. It is all about how the weight is distributed across the body. Both are great yo-yos but I prefer the Summit a little more than the Cascade.