Cascade or 2nd summit.

As title states. Place suggestions below.

If you like the summit, get a second. It’s best to have an identical backup in competition. AND then you can have one that’s kept mint and one that you just accept pinpricks and dents on.

Yeah, on my favorite throws like the Dang, Cascade, and Sine//Saw I like to have 2 or more. 1 that I can keep mint (usually the more expensive, cool colorway one) and one that I can use wherever and not care if it gets damaged

^^^ smart.

I’d do the same. Unless your very interested in the shape of the cascade.

Well it’s broken hearTs cascade vs delirium dive summit. I love the summit shape but the cascade is mighty intriguing.

If the Summit is Delirium Dive, then get it, no hesitation.

Just wondering if you are going to be using it for competition or just fun

Well prolly fun cuz the next competition ill go to is in may.


Well if you think about it, the summit is comprised of I think the Avalanche and the Cascade, from what I remember from the documentary. So in essence, if you get a Summit, you’re getting a Cascade too! ;D

In a spiritual funky way yes. But I’ve heard that they play completely differently.

I would agree. But I can’t. The only thing the summit has that the cascade does, is the same cup. It has the avalanches shape, so to me jts more like an Ava. I don’t know what pads / bearing the cascade has.

10 ball and flow groove.

Ofc, haha.

But like others, the shape of the cascade is intriguing, it just looks really interesting
So I’d get the Cascade first, see which you like better, and get the second of that.

Haha don’t listen to that, I was being a little silly :slight_smile: I have said this in a few posts of mine: experiment. I love to experiment,I get to find what I really prefer. Of course it’s a impact on the wallet, but need be, I could sell the other I didn’t like.

I would get a Cascade and then choose your favorite and get a second one.

Exactly like I said too :slight_smile:

Exactly like me too lol. Metal will always find a way to get dinged, dented, or scratched. So I have one perfect summit and one with super minor damage. That one is my carry around :slight_smile:

Shank you very much forum people.

New idea. Buy a cascade, pick whichever you like more. You will be able to trade one for the other. So if you like the summit more, you’ll find someone willing to trade a summit for a cascade… OR if you have money, just buy another haha