A choice to make... please reply


I’m going to buy a new throw and cant decide between CLYW summit and G2 albatross. Opinions? I’d be thrilled to hear your thoughts


This will probably get moved to the help/recommendation section. I’ve never personally tried either but I’ve heard great things about both. It depends on what shape and specs you like. What are your preferences?


The albatross plays very very very light. It has a bit more of a organic feel. The summit is just a beast! Its fast and agile and definitely a completion throw!


Hmmm… Thank you for that. I prefer a heavier playing yoyo. I’ll go with the summit


Yes the summit is kind of light too but it still plays really stable, and plus if you want it heavier you can add side-effects and it adds weight to it so you can play it that way or the original way.


I just got an AL7 Quake, and it’s one of the heaviest things I’ve played, but not too heavy. I like it.