Thinking of getting a CLYW or one drop


I’ve been thinking if getting a new yoyo from CLYW or one drop. They’re all nice so I can’t decide. Which ones play the nicest and sleep the longest?


Why not both.
The summit


It would help to know some of your prefrances first…


Your question is invalid. They will sleep as long as you can play them for. They are all capable of the same tricks, and they can all sleep equally long or short. What matters is how much you practice. The rest is preferences.

So if you prefer a yo-yo that is cheap, get a cheap one. If you prefer a yo-yo that is big, get a big one. Heavy, get a heavy one. I would suggest you look at the yo-yos you already own and compare what you like about them to find one that is similar in dimensions. Or, if you don’t like any of the yo-yos you already have, choose something completely different.

TLDR Just get a Summit. It’s made by CLYW and OneDrop together, so it really is 2X better than any of the yo-yos that those companies make independently. It can sleep for twice as long, and it can do twice as many tricks.


Exactly. Superlong sleeping, its a mix of a clue yoyo (avalanche) and a one drop yoyo (the cascade) and you get clyw pads and onedrop 10 ball bearing.


Idk I have a dark magic 2 which is pretty good. Preferences: something where it’s easy to land on the string, not too heavy but not too light. I know this is mostly just opinions, but I want to see what other people think of them first.


Exactly what I was going to say!


for CLYW the chief is very popular. Defiantly cant go wrong with it being your first CLYW(i have one and it is one of my go to throws–pritty much my baby :wink:

For one drop the CODE 2 is pretty good…its the only one that I’ve played and its a pretty chill throw, not very fast… but can handle most stuff you throw at it. The cascade is also a foavorite among the yoyo community

Hope this helped


Yeah I’m buying my first CLYW as well, and I’m going to buy the Summit, and according to other reviews and opinions, it an an AMAZING yoyo and for some people it is their favourite CLYW.


I despized my summit


Omg the summit kid perfect for you! Cuz you can change the weight with side effects! Buy some side effect spikes or domes or something for heavy play, or keep the other ones for lighter play. And it has a big gap + an H shape.


No, it is already to heavy with ultralights, ask anyone. If u make it heavier its kinda scary how heavy it is


Chik. Seriously. Price, weight, size, just great. You’d be crazy to pay $115-$135 for a Summit, or even more for CLYWs, when you can get a Chik for $88.


I find it light with the ultra lights, and i prefer it with spikes.


Heres something, what other yoyos do u have. It could be that its ur only high end so u like it.


I also found the stock Summit to play too heavy for my liking.

Switching SEs I’ve tried using brass ultra-lights and now spikes and they actually makes it feel a little lighter on the string, probably due them adding more centre weight. Still feels a little heavy but I may experiment with more SEs to see if I get an ideal fit.


Well, if you ask me… And there called ultra lights for a reason… But whatever, its just opinion.