Albatross vs. Chief

Ok so I am looking for a new throw. I want either a g2 albatross or a clyw chief. I want to know what you guys think I should get. I own a modded classic, a magic yoyo t5, a protostar, and a g-funk. I like a heavish yoyo also full sized. Even you guys could offer your opinions about which one you think is a better played I would appreciate it. Thanks

Get a Chief… you cant go wrong with a Chief :smiley:

Well, between those two neither are heavy. Both are absolutely fantastic and in my top 10 list for sure. I’d say go with the one you prefer the shape of. Although… Something to note is that the glitch albatrosses can be found for dirt cheap on the g2 website. You may want to go that route.

yeah they seem pretty well loved by everyone

im considering picking up a non mint chief for $65 which is a good deal. Also found a mint ano defect albatross for $70 but I will probably get the chief since I like the color more

I’m wrong, so just letting you know that. Steve Brown will gladly point that out.

First, the Chief. Wonderful yoyo. It’s fast, stable, smooth, but the AC is faster. It’s an amazing competition yoyo. Great grinder, wonderful for horizontal. Honestly, what’s not to like about that?

The Albatross. Wow. Amazing organic yoyo. While not designed with competition in mind, I see no issue with people competing with it. Not too floaty, not too fast, Not too light, not too heavy, not to big or too small or too wide or too narrow, just right in all the good kind of ways. Even the AL7 version, which is heavier due to it being 7075 aluminum is just the right amount of “more weight in all the right places” and makes you want to fall in love with it all over again.

It really comes down to do you want something more aggressive and clearly competition oriented, or do you want a good all-around yoyo? Both are simply amazing. V-shapes would be Chief. H-shapes… well, neither are H-shapes but the Albatross’s lines area touch more H-like, but it’s not really an H-shape. If you’re into grinds, the Albatross has a slight edge since it doesn’t have those rings, IRG’s are better and finger spin work better, but as far as arm and finger grinds, both are great for that.

I can’t choose. I have both. Or rather three. I have a Chief, a regular first run Albatross and an AL7 Albatross. Each are fantastic.

Well the chief is your favourite yoyo, so why not get one?

thanks for the input. I wish I could have both. I’m sure eventually I will own both. Probably going to go with the chief as it’s probably the safer bet.

yeah never played one so I can’t say it’s my favorite I just really want it. Gonna go with it thanks

I can’t say I completely agree, but I can’t say I disagree either with your decision.

My gut feeling is that the Chief would be a safer bet though.

I’m a big fan of CLYW, One Drop and also GSquared. The Albatross reminds me of something that sprang forth from a CLYW-inspired mindset of the days before the Chief. I will say Jacob really knows his stuff when it comes to yoyo design. He’s right up there with CLYW and One Drop, yet distinctly different.