G Squared "Glitch?"


I know it means slight vibe or ano flaws but how noticeable is it?


The Nessie I had a while back was a “glitch” model and neither I, nor Nathan Martsolf (G2 team member I traded it to) found absolutely nothing wrong with it. I don’t know if I got lucky, or what. If there was anything wrong with that Nessie, it was obviously minute and negligible.


It might have been an ano flaw, or maybe since they couldn’t match the color halves up, they just decided to “glitch” it?

I gotta buy me a second Triton. I love the new engraving, it really makes the yoyo pop! No way I’m giving up my current 1st Run Space Panther!


Sounds like it’s about as negligible as the ‘flaws’ found in CLYW FG models or Gen Yo B grades.



If you could get a cheap “glitch” albatross, would you get it or pay the extra for a triton?

(G2 Jake) #6

There was only Glitch AL7 Albatross. No regular glitch Tross.


I saw one on your site…it was $75 bucks and it said “Glitch”

(G2 Jake) #8

Those are AL7 Albatross. Made of 7075. They play differently than the regular. So it will help people know which you actually want to compare.

Anyway. The triton is my favorite and the AL7 Albatross is my second favorite.


My bad, I missed the AL7 part. Lol.

Which one is floatier?


I’d get both.


If you could only choose one, which one? And which plays slower, because i play slow and smooth.



The Nessie is designed to be smooth, but fast and aggressive.

The Albatross, while designed to be apparently more organic and casual, can easily compete. It’s not quite as fast but you can push it and it responds. This might be ideal for you.

The Triton’s shape can move at just about any speed. If grinds are important, the rings inside give you a slight advantage, as well as the shape lends itself better to grinds. Still a competition throw, this one is very good as well. However, this is more center-weighted than the Albatross and Nessie, so that’s an important factor.


And that means it would be floatier, right?


Not really. This can still move fast, but it will move at a speed of your choosing based on the design.


I have a glitch albatross. It does have some ano flaws, but they are unnoticeable during play. There is no vibe either. I would compare this to CLYW’s FG models. They are both half price and play extremely well.