G Squared Nessie

Hey guys I just wanted to hear from you if you have gotten to play with Nessie. I love it, Brett loves it, everyone on the team loves it, and everyone that has told me they got one loves it.

I want to hear from the rest of
You, what do you think about it? Is it comfortable? Do you like the colors? Anything you want to say about it, I want to hear about it.


I snagged a gotham nessie, I love it. Feels floaty, and is an awesome colorway. The size is perfect not too little, but also not an oversized throw. I’ve been super impressed with how smoothly it plays. I put a Trifecta in it.

I love the Nessie. I got the Midnight Massacre edition and I love the colors!

Very floaty, stable and the ten ball is a great bearing to have in here. I doubt that any intermediate to advanced player would be switching out the ten ball for any other bearing since the stability coupled with a good throw yields enough spin to remain stable for advanced maneuvers.

I mostly just popped the Trifecta in it because I got two of them and didn’t know where to put them, since I’m playing the Nessie most right now, and wanted to try out my bearing it seemed like a logical place. Had nothing to do with the 10ball bearing.

Stringer is a cool dude (have you checked out his reviews? way cool guy and totally nice), I think he was just making a statement in general and not in your direction man. The Nessie is a sweet throw no matter what you have it spinning on. Definitely am loving the throw. Tried a grooved bearing in it and it was killing my more complex tricks with some nasty drag so I tossed in a center trac and that baby was flying.

Someone needs to make a center trac ten ball! Grooved are great but they don’t let the string move enough for my taste. You end up with too small a gap between string and wall to push harder tricks through a move.

But thats just my opinion.

Most definitely wasn’t directing my response to anyone at all. gyger has it right I was just making a statement. I would never say that anyone was making a bad choice in a bearing. I think you should play what works for you. I just was saying that with the Nessie it seems like a flat bearing works really well and the ten ball seems to be a more superior flat bearing. I use ct and even grooved sometimes as well. Just lately I am moving away from any grooved bearings and trying to stick to either the ct or flat. But thats what works for my style.

ill review it if you guys send me one ;D


Wasn’t trying to call you out so much as better explain my statement, lest it seemed as if I felt it needed one.

So smooooootthh. Got a dark matter one. Came with special string too:) pretty awesome. but you guys have some “low” standards when it comes to your products. I mean, in terms of play, it was awesome. One of the smoothest things i’ve played, nice blasted finish. Just plain awesome. But out of the box I could see ano flaws without even searching for them. Little spots in the splash and all that were pretty obvious. Not that it hinders play, and I know that anodizing is a “flawed process” but just thought i’d mention that. It was kind of disappointing to see, but once I played it, I was very impressed. Not that you guys can help this… but oh well :slight_smile:

Cheers guys! Keep it up!

Snagged that sexy team edition, so smooth and flowy(?). Solid and very deliberate

I love the Nessie got the Gotham and Arkham. Smooth stable. And the perfect balnce of solid and float. Not a Rock on the string but not so floaty it gets away from you easily. Albatross very floaty.

I also experimented with the trifecta Bearing asi bought 10. Have couple that add vibe. Miht be fixed by recleaning and lubing but haven’t had a chance. The other 8 are just as smooth as the OG 10 Ball, Dif-E-Yo KK, and Crucial grooved KK. I honestly feel no difference between any of the Kk’s.