Nessie vs. Burnside?

Both are H shaped yo-yos I am interested in. If you have played one or both could you tell me what you liked and didn’t like about each?

I have never used a Nessie, but most would say it’s good. As to the Burnside, it is really stable and long spinning (i know it’s the player, but it feels like that). I did not like that it felt slow and heavy, but I like faster yoyos. It is nice and smooth and it flows through anything.

Nessie is a little bit smaller.
Both have long spin times and are pretty stable.

Big difference I feel is the burnside plays a little heaver and slower.

Gotta respect a company that doesnt bias much towards their product! Good job!

The Burnside is definitely a performer. Very stable and feels very solid on the string. I actually find it feels a bit too heavy for my liking, but it plays great.

I tried the Nessie a while back and remember it playing well. It was really pleasant to play with. I’d probably go with that over a Burnside, but you shouldn’t go wrong with either.

The Burnside was Designed to be a Full-Sized competition throw.

The Nessie is Undersized, meaning it’s great for tighter tricks and Chopsticks.

With the Nessie being 54mm in diameter I still consider it a full size yoyo.

Not exactly “Full” sized. We can call it mid-sized.

And some people have said it plays too generic. Not sure if it’s really worth it.

Thank you all for the input. I decided to get a Nessie, since I don’t have a smaller throw already. I still plan on picking up a Burnside on a later date though.

Report back what you think!

Nessie is the best choice…I like the Burnside but sometimes its just too much heft to it… as an all rounder you wont regret geting the Nessie…just the right size and weight for an all rounder “H”

what colorway did you get ?


I got a Galactic Rift colorway for the Nessie. I will have pictures up when I receive it.