G2 Nessie vs CLYW Glacier Express.


Yeah, I know. One of these threads.

I already have a GE and have been looking at the Nessie. I realize they are visually quite different…

But the GE is 54.6d/43.1w/66.7g, and the Nessie is 54/43/66. My impression of the GE has always been that it is extremely stable, loves to spin, not as fast a player as the Arctic Circle or even the Code 2. (Which is fine with me.) The reviews of the Nessie I’ve read on HighSpeed, YoYoSkills, Sniffy-Yo, and here with NJStringer seem to describe the play in a similar manner. But I’m fairly new at this…

So, have any of you spent a reasonable amount of time on both? I’d be very interested in hearing your impressions, and if I’m miles off in the comparison.

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I own a Nessie and have played a GE for a few minutes. I loved how the GE played but the shape just was not for me. As for the Nessie I LOVE the Nessie. It is a very solid playing throw. It is one of the most stable throws on the market and has a HUGE amount of rim weight so the spin times are great. As for the overall play. To me it plays quick and nimble. They weight placement is great too it just glides through the air. I would say if you like the GE then you will like the Nessie too. If there is a big difference I would say that the Nessie plays a tad faster. At least that was my impression.


Thanks for the reply, mgiroux77. That’s kinda what I am expecting. That said, how would you compare the Nessie to your Cascade? Vs my GE, my Cascade is much lighter on the string. I find the Cascade to be a good all around, and the GE to be much more focused on stability and spin. It has a number of other difference…but that would be the main difference I’ve noticed.

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The Cascade plays a bit faster to me than the Nessie. I LOVE the Cascade too. I would say for my style of play the Cascade is a bit better but overall they are both great throws. Based on your experience I think the Nessie would fit in the middle of both the GE and Cascade. Different enough to be fun but similair enough to be in what might be your “comfort” zone.


GE > Nessie.

The GE plays great, but it just didn’t stick with me. The Nessie plays good too, but I liked it less than the GE. Played sort’ve like a slower Avalanche.