Yeah3 or cascade


Wich one?


Both great throws. I prefer the Yeah3 but only because I have a preference for full/oversized throws.



Yeah3 for sure!


They are so different. What qualities are you looking for?
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(G2 Jake) #5


A Smooth and fast yoyo


shape: doesnt matter,

It culd be Any yoyo from od and c3yoyodesign


It’s tough to make specific suggestions without knowing what kind of specs you’re looking for.

These may help, my reviews of each:



One thing which might help is the yeah 3 is designed with horizontal play in mind.
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Cascade kills the yeah3 in my opinion it is both fast stable long spinning and just an amazingly awesome yoyo!!!¡¡¡!


Personally I wasn’t that impressed with the Yeah3… It was just kinda… Meh, to me. Nothing about its play really stood out to me. Now the Cascade, that’s thing is AMAZING.

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Just get a cascade man.





The problem is the OP is new, and so he hasn’t had enough exposure to enough variety to develop any real preferences yet. So, he’s completely throwing most factors out the window for the time being. In a way, it’s kind of liberating to be working with such a clean slate. On the other hand, he keeps coming up with ideas and really can’t narrow down anything. He’s definitely pondering over all the information being provided.

If it wasn’t for his location, this would be easier.


Honestly, I am a proud owner of a cascade, but YEAH3 ftw.