CZM84VK or Yeah 3?


Which one should i buy? CZM84VK or Yeah 3?
I heard that he yeah 3 have a double V shape, so, what are the differences between the the double V shape and the normal V shape? How do the shape effect to the yoyos?
Do you guys have any other suggestion for a metal yoyo under $80?


Just Bought a Yeah3. I cant wait for it. I have tried it and it plays like it is worth $125! CZM84VK looks like one of those super impressive designs. This is a hard one… But, Yeah 3 seems to have better catch zone. Cause it is DOUBLE V. So Mabye… YEAH3.


I’m getting a Yeah3 tomorrow so I’ll report back here after playing it somewhat.

I’m excited though. ;D


Well to start off, you should probably give us your preferences, as in what you like in a yoyo. Full size or undersized? Floaty or Solid? What shape (And so on)? Personally, I would choose the Yeah3, but that’s me, we need to know what you like.

I believe the “Double V” to be more of a gimmicky marketing term, and while it does work, this certainly isn’t the first yoyo with the kind of step the Yeah3 has, so it isn’t too big of a deal.


C3 is also known for their awesome yoyos and rarely disappoint…

I personally don’t think yoyofactory is too great as of the past few years.

C3 has really been doing good and has made a good name for themselves.

Again though, I’ll report back with my opinion tomorrow.


@Noonar Same here Getting one tomarrow

(Bína) #7

Just go for Czechmate, one of best YYF yo-yos and significantly better than Yeah.

(M.DeV1) #8

The yeah3 is a very solid long spinning yoyo. I HIGHLY recommend it.


YEAH3 please. Hecka good spin times, a beast horizontals, speedy play, and a competition beast. I liked the CZM84VK, but not nearly as much as the YEAH3


I don’t know much about the Yeah3, but I’ve heard the CZM84VK called “the Bezerker of Yoyofactory,” and their best competition yoyo, so it must be pretty good.


I like full size, V shape, and after all of your advises, i think i’ll get a Yeah 3.

Have you got it? Tell me what you think when you get it, ok?


Be patient, it’s coming today.

In a few hours I can tell you all about it and how it plays.


Well, if you like V shape, then the Yeah3 should be your choice! Sure, it’s not full sized, but it’s always good to try new stuff, and the Yeah3 is really a great throw, you won’t be disappointed.

(M.DeV1) #14

the yeah3 is full sized.


Yes, it is, I don’t know what I was thinking when I typed that. I’m brain dead on Monday mornings, that’s one thing I do know! :slight_smile:

I don’t own one, but a close friend of mine does, and I can tell you, it is definitely a full sized throw, and it plays quite well, and I would gladly pay $100 for one.


DEFINITELY get a Yeah 3.

Mine has dings on it from previous owner and I still love it like a new yoyo


I’ve been told the Czechmate outplays the Mo-vitation. Can’t be bad.


Got it and I luv it. I only throw it now. ;D ;D ;D Wont regret


Wait, are you guys saying, " just get whichever one you like, can’t go wrong with either" or,“yeah 3 yeah 3 yeah 3!!!”