Yeah 3 vs Mo-Vitation


Few days ago, i asked for sugestion between Yeah 3 and CZM84VK, then i finally chose Yeah 3 for myself.
Now i’m wondering which one should i get between Yeah 3 and Mo-Vitation.
Both of them are from C3 design, with full size and V-shape but Mo-vitation is $10 more expensive than Yeah 3.
So, which one worth its prize better?


I haven’t tried ethier. The mo is newer, so not as many people might have it. Many people LOVE the yeah3


What are you looking for in a throw? I have a mo-vitation and it plays like a smaller speedier brother to the Berserker RX that i own. Don’t have a yeah 3, but everyone who has one or tried one loves it.


I have a Yeah3.

It’s ok. It’s really only good for those longer horizontal combos.

If you’re into technical 1a, there are much, much better options for 80 dollars.

For 80 you can get a Werrd Hour, a much better option for less money.

Not a huge fan of the Yeah3 unless Im using it for horizontal play


Awww, you were so hyped about it :(. Did it not live up to your expectations?

Agreed, there’s a lot that can be had for $80 or less, and a lot more if you scour the bst. Saw a like new Werrd Hour with its box for $35 shipped on the bst, it’ll cost a little more to ship to vietnam but it’s still a lot cheaper.


Ok, That’s the true that i hardly ever play horizontal trick. ;D

What i need is a V shape, full size yoyo which is stable and have a long spinning time.

But i can’t really have lots of option because i can only get them from these two shops :(:
Just see around in those two shops(just switch the language to English) and see if you can find for me any better yoyo for around $80, please tell me ok? :slight_smile:



Awww, you were so hyped about it :(. Did it not live up to your expectations?


Just get a Werrd Yoyo.