Best of c3yoyodesign?


Wich yoyos do you think is the best ones by c3yoyodesign?


If you want to talk price/performance, the DiBase is $55 and performs like a $100 metal easily.

I also have a Halo. Delrin, nice, good grinder, safe shape, not their typical V-provide, more of a rounded V. Affordable, very playable.

I just picked up a Token. I should have it Monday or Tuesday. We’ll see how that goes.

In general, the response towards this brand has been very favorable. I’ve been very pleased with the models I’ve chosen and I have a few more on my wants list.


I’ve had my Yeah3 for a little over 2 weeks now. It out performs my Clyw Canvas and my Clyw Avalanche. The Double v shape makes for such great balance and play. And its only80 bucks. I give it a A+ and would recommend it for anyone

(YoYo_Freak) #4

Ive heard amazing things about the Yeah 3. Havent tried one yet though.

(DOGS) #5

I’m having stupid amounts of fun with the Sceptre.


Trident has been my fave so far

I’ve owned:
winning bird, trident, token, dibase, master galaxy, yeah 3, and dark sonic



Dat power… :o


I absolutely love the C3 Trident, but can’t say much about there other models as I haven’t played them. The only other C3 I’ve played was a Winning Bird, and it didn’t meet my expectations. It played smooth, but it didn’t feel like a $125 yoyo.


I’ve never played one, but based on pictures and reviews of them I’m sure they’re all great.

(Alex Fairhurst) #10

Yeah3. Darkstar is good, too.


Outright performance, Berserker hands down. At a more reasonable price, the Yeah3 is pretty amazing.



The Berserker is really excellent – the price is the only downside. I have a Yeah3 and a Capless as well, both play as well or better than any of my metals in the $100+ range. The Capless is insane for the price.


Agree on the Capless. Plays great and looks amazing to boot. Yet to try a C3 I don’t like.


(M.DeV1) #14

Jeez people what about the H5? I personally think that yoyo is a true winner.


It’s all about the beserker. Can’t beat that one.


I have played the DiBase, Capless, DarkStar, Trident and Token. They ALL play great and are very well made from the high end Trident to the low end Token. I can not see how they can sell a yoyo for 28 bucks that plays that good AND with such sick colorways. Whatever C3 is doing, it works. They have something for everyone. Big, small, heavy, light, expensive and economical they cover all basis!!!

(CaribouNick) #17

Dark Sonic.

Not so keen on Darkstar.

Haven’t tried the Yeah Yeah Yeah, though.


Okay, if it stands between capless and yeah yeah yeah, wich than?


For regular play the Capless is great, but if you are into horizontals and like slightly bigger yoyos than get a Yeah3


Well said. They are well rounded, fearless. I anticipate their next project.