C3 yoyo design fan club


We have general yo,yyf,yyj and OD(so a thread starting) fan club thread so why not c3. I like all c3 especially the dark sonic and the alpha crash. So what do you like about c3?


In really determined to get a c3, they look so GOOD.


All of their throws are great. I’ve been a fan since the beginning. I love the Halo, Darkstar, Capless, Capsule, H5… Haven’t had the pleasure of trying to Mo-vitation or Berserker yet so Walter, if you’re watching, hook it up!


I luv the yeah 3 trident dark sonic etc. So good


My favorites that I have tried are the MO-vitation and Bezerker. Those really stood out.


Im a big C3 fan! They are definitely in my top 3.
Gorgeous, high performance, and fairly priced. You can’t ask for more.

(M.DeV1) #7

Bout time we got one of these threads! Just call me Mr. H5 guy considering I own 3 of them!


my C3 Capless has such a nice ring to it when i throw, it’s like not just playing a yoyo, but a symphony! I’m not exaggerating. It’s my first C3 throw ever, and I was 110% satisfied :smiley:


I’ve yet to throw a C3, although I think I might grab an alpha-crash next time I stock up on strings. :slight_smile:

I want to get a Beserker RX, but I’ve spent way too much on yoyos recently… :stuck_out_tongue:


I absolutely love my C3 Token and the Capless is quite the boss. Such a nice hum to the Capless :wink:


I have owned an H5, Token, Halo, Sceptre (got it from a team member), and I own an Alpha Crash. If only I could get a Berserker or Mo-Vitation… those look awesome.


I don’t know how it happened, but I own more C3’s than any other brand. In the order that I got them, I have a DiBase, a Halo, a DiBase 2, a Mo-Vitation, and a Token. All absolutely great throws, and they all outplay their price point. :slight_smile:


Love C3’s stuff, especially the Darkstar. They’re just reliable, fun, accessible and reasonably priced.



Capsule and Darksonic and had a ball with the Token at Worlds last year! So did many others. C3 are so polite and friendly.A great crew no doubt!Looking foward to seeing them again there already.


I have the C3 Capless. It is absolutely amazing. I love it.


I am dying to throw a Mo-vitation and a trident. I love the specs of the trident, though. The shape really reminds me of my Crucial Cupcake.


Out of my whole yoyo collection, the single throw that gets the most playtime by far is the C3 Halo.


I really enjoy my alpha crash and my di base 2. My alpha crash is my carry around through and I love it to death.


I dont agree
Trident > 2011
cupcake > 2012

(Owen) #20

yeah haha the cupcake doesn’t really remind me of the trident very much, and like Mr. C3 just pointed out, the cupcake was made after the trident.

While I have your attention, I have loved every single C3 yoyo I have ever thrown :slight_smile: keep up the awesome work Walter!