C3 yoyo design

Just wondering who else loves C3YYD and if you do what yoyo produced by them is your favorite!!! ;D


Di base!

Only have one so far, the Capless. Token is on its way. Capless is a thing of beauty. People say it compares to a $100+ throw, but I never knew if that was true until I finally had the chance to make that comparison yesterday. I believe it’s true! Very glad I grabbed one.

Berserker and Dark Sonic <3 I miss them

I like the feel of my friends capless, it plays better than anything I own right now

Love all my C3 throws but my favourite has to be the Berserker. I’ve got an Alpha Crash and a Glitter on the way too. I have high hopes =)



I got yo say my Capless is my favorite so far


Got a capless coming on the way.

I’ve tried a Dark Sonic, Trident, Berserker, Capless, Di Base, and Yeah3.

The best is the Capless. Hands down.

I have a DiBase, Token and Halo. I have a Trident heading my way. I look forward to getting a Capless.

Good stuff.

i have a dibase, master galaxy, and a darkstar, and the best is the di base.

Token arrived the other day. In a word: dense!

Fun pocket throw, though. :slight_smile:

Yeah 3 is great. Halo is my favorite delrin by a mile. Token is dense. Not an everyday throw but fun to goof around with.

Di base and token!


Just got the capless. Nice throw, but may need sOme thicker string than slick6. Its got a pretty wide gap

Not too thick, though. I get pretty tight binds from YYSL Type X and also Fat Kitty. You could throw in something even thicker but I wouldn’t go nutty.