Which c3yoyodesign is good ?

Hey guys , I need some suggestion on c3yoyodesign’s yoyo … I’m new and I don’t know which one should I buy … any suggestion ?

by “new” do u mean to yoyoing in general or to C3YYD ? well either or, if you’re just starting yoyoing and want to jump right ahead to unresponsive play well! The Capless by C3 never fails to satisfy any need! Of course Di-Base 2 is also worthy of a chance :slight_smile:

I can tell you a lot more about other brands! maybe also give you more suggestions, you can PM if you need anything, I’d be glad to help a felow thrower! :smiley:

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Is Mo-tivation or Berserker RX good ?

They are all right, not the best but can get you everything you need to get done

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Alright , Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

All of them are great. Probably the smoothest yoyos you can throw and they are all at a great price point.

Haven’t tried the Mo-vitation but the Berserker RX is one of the best yoyos I’ve played. Probably a little overkill to be blowing that sort of money on a throw at this time without knowing a bit more about your own preferences but hey, it’s your money.


Just all right? You clearly haven’t tried a Berserker RX. It’s an awsome competition throw. Blows any CLYW or OD out of the water.

Any other more nice c3’s yoyo ?

Depends how much you’re willing to spend, really. The Yeah3 is pretty good bang for your buck.


if you want a c3 plastic get the alpha crash
a delrin get a halo
a beast budget metal a dibase 1-2
a smooth metal get a darksonic or a berserker(ethier version)

My budget is around MYR600

I somehow doubt you have ever thrown one…

get the darksonic or berserker RX

I just bought Yoyoskeel Satisfaction last saturday … but im seriously attracted by c3’s yoyo …

a token is a good low priced yoyo

I have the Capless and the Token; would like a Mo-Vitation, Dark Sonic, and DiBase2. :wink:

The Token is a fun undersized. It’s something “fun and unique” to add to your collection but won’t be most people’s daily throw. Only a maniac would use it for competition (and I think a few maniacs have done so!) though. But for the price, it’s a really neat yoyo.

The Capless is a great full-sized yoyo. It is a mediocre grinder but does everything else with aplomb! It feels solid on the string and should move through most combos with ease. It’s every bit as good as any other competition-style throw I’ve ever played. There are yoyos slightly more stable, but it’s not “unstable” by any stretch. It’s very close to other yoyos twice its price. Stability is not the ultimate judge of a yoyo’s worth anyhow… with physics there are always trade-offs. :slight_smile:

Hmm … Capless 2 is better right ? Is kitty string good for it ?

There’s a Capless 2?

Kitty string is a good choice for almost any yoyo. You’re not likely to find someone who’s going to say, “For this particular yoyo, you just have to use ____ string.”

LOL , my mistake @@ it was capsule 2
Okay … How about the string size ? like slim or fat