i like fast stable yoyos that are capable of long sleep time and getting through combos fast. and are flashy in color and have a sharp wide shape not as wide as a superwide but as wide as the phenom, or CODE 2

Look at there throws, find your preference, and pick what one you will like.

I do recommend the capless just to try out the brand. 65 bucks for an amazing throw, and it will get you hooked to try their other throws.

Berserker RX when it drops
Perfect for what you want

Why are you always asking for recommendations across multiple threads? Stick to one thread. And make sure that thread is in the RIGHT SECTION.

And maybe do a little research yourself before you come whining to us about yet another yoyo recommendation. Of course we will help you but when the SAME person keeps asking which yoyo to get it can get a little tiring. Just buy a yoyo, pretty much any one you get now days is going to be SUPER good.

cant decide

Dark Star. Sharp. Wide. Stable.

Or just BUY ONE.

Dark sonic is my best throw at the moment. It’s amazing smooth and great at horizontal. I got the blue w/ orange splash so I don’t know if it’s blasted but it’s an awesome grinder.

I have a capless, dibase , dark star and trident.

If you do horizontal, pick up the dark star. If you want an undersized, dibase. If you want a all around great 1a, capless. I am not too fond of the trident, but I also prefer more organic than anything

Capless for price/size/great all around

Judging that you have $200 from your other thread, get a Berserker. Well worth your money, only thing is that it doesn’t grind well. I’m not sure about the finish on the Berserker RX though.

I have a whole lot of C3 throws, and by what you posted, i think you cant go wrong with the bezerker. Its solid, stable, comes in a whole bunch of great colours as well. Only thing i dont like about it is that it doesnt carry momentum well when going through big movements. The Capsule 2 on the other hand handles momentum perfectly. If you want to throw really long horizontals, you cant go wrong with most of their metals, well except maybe the token or the h5xchief. The Darksonic is really nice also, but in all it boils down to your preference mainly. If you like large fuller yoyos, go with the bezerker/RX. If you like something more in a mid-size category, Capsule 2, or capless, if youre on a budget. If you prefer smaller yoyos, the Darksonic is a great choice