Please help me decided (YYR,TP,C3,CLYW,OD)

Hey everyone.
Can you help me decided for my next yoyo?
Hmm my main throw now is YYR Z-ON, really like this one, but maybe its little bit small so I usually miss some trick. My second fav. throw is Code 2.

I’m looking forward for YYR stargeyser, TP bassilisk, C3 Berserker Rx, Summit or BvM2.
haha sorry if there are so many choice ;D

Just tell me your opinion about these yoyo or maybe other selection if you think better.
(My play style : not fast like japanese one, and I dont like horizontal or other thing like fingerspin etc)
Thank you :slight_smile:

If you find the Z-On too small, the Stargeyser is out straight away because it’s about the same size. Haven’t tried a Basilisk so no comment on that. I do own the other three and of them, the Berserker would be my favourite. Much quicker and more stable than the other two which are great throws in their own right. No bad choices here. Any one of them will do whatever you want it to do.


Thank you very much Yuki :smiley:

Yup, That’s I doubt from Stargeyser.
After reading the post from you, remaining two choices, TP Bassilisk or Berserker RX. I know that Berserker RX have so many great feedback from some review on the internet, but still want to know more about Bassilisk. Any one?