New yoyo problem zerker rx etc etc

Hey there :slight_smile: finnaly it is it for me to buy new yoyo, still i got a rpoblem like always with it :slight_smile: currently i am using moslty x3 teh yo

i have to decide between c3 berserker rx, YYR messiash (used but mint) duncan barracuda x3 aware or la goute, damn i am not sure if i want undersized yoyo or not… tbh i feel like it is more easy to do more complacted tricks on smaller yoyo

If I understand the dilemma right you are having a hard time choosing between the messiah and the berserker can I ask what you like and dislike about each yoyo and what makes reservations you might have about each yoyo?

And best thing I can offer is buy the one that is most likely to sell out quickly and save for the other one so you don’t have to make but one choice initially and get both eventually.

the biggest plus is that i can buy berseker rx purely new one for only 100 bucks

Go with the RX

It plays much better than the messiah in my opinion and the shape is better as well and that’s coming from someone that loves undersized yoyos

i took bersereker

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btw can some1 tell me difference between normal berserker and RX ?

ok i already know it :stuck_out_tongue: for those who doesnt:

On Berserker RX, we reduced the 6061 ratio on body and add the weight to the 7075 rings. With the heavier and new shape rings, Berserker RX will have better spin power especially on horizontal tricks due to the new weight distribution.

Last but not least, Berserker RX have a more powerful binding. This make you can catch it back on your hand more comfortable after a long combo!!!
info from yoyoexpert shop