Favorite C3yoyo?


Berserker SS

No second place


I’ve only ever played 2 of them. Berserker SS and the Accelerator. Berserker SS is the most “powerful” yoyo I’ve ever used. The Accelerator is a great all round throw. I had to put silicone and a kk bearing in it to get the response where I like it but its awesome. Great for finger grinds.

Berserker SS wins for me. Everyone should get to throw it at least a few times.


The one that spins.


wow! gotta make sure I get one of those!


He prolly means a Hatrick

He just didn’t want to say it


Do I really say it that much?

(Steve Brown) #8

Mo-Vitation. Love love love that yoyo.


I’m going to go with the Krown.




The only C3 that I own is a stripped Token, but if I had to pick from specs it would probably be the P.Wave, Krown, or Accelerator.


Krown, handily. I have not tried any of the newest batch, though. Most recent release I tried was P.Wave.

Definitely interested in the Berserker SS and Accelerator.


I would have to say the Berserker SS as well…But
I believe Steve Brown has it correct in that the “Movitation” is a REALLY underrated YoYo.

I would also have to give an honorable Mention to the “P-Wave”.
One of the best heavier YoYo’s you can buy.


So many to choose from, IT is kind of a tie between the P.Wave and the BSKSS.