Are they a good company? What is your favorite yoyo from them? They look nice how do they play? They are fairly cheap from what I see.

Yes, they are a great company. All of their throws play very smooth. The top models such as the Berserker (Rx and SS) as well as the Krown are amazing.

krown and accelerator are good teh rest r 2 heavy

I love the Krown above almost all other yoyos. So yeah, C3 is a good company in my books. :wink:

I really like the P.Wave. It is fast stable and accelerates like no other.

I love my Level 6. Great stability and speed. The weight is right in my wheelhouse and the price doesn’t break the bank. I also really like the Mo-vitation, which is a bit more expensive, but even their plastics are good buys.

Gotta love their plastic speedaholic!! Best plastic I own.

everyone forgets about the token… the best undersize out there for the price.

My Mo-Vitation is excellent. Very fast and stable with a great blasting for grinds.

Great yoyos if you like the specs. All of their yoyos lately are in that 66-69g range which doesn’t do much for me, and their designs are a bit derivative, but overall great yoyos if the specs are your thing.

It’s true that most of their throws are a bit heavier than I prefer; the Krown being a notable exception. I don’t know that they’re derivative of OTHER companies much, but they are certainly recycling design ideas internally.

Here’s a recent vid: their throws are all built for great performance and at least one would probably fit ur playstyle

Almost all of their throws (minus trident) can pretty much pull a decent finger spin even the speedaholic so if that is what ur into then yeah

No better plastic than the SPEEDAHOLIC.

I think this was true until the new Diffusion came out. Even for the price though…Speedaholic may be the better deal. They’re both wonderful.