C3 yoyo

What are some good ones made by them?!?!

Depends on what your looking for and your budget.

I’ve heard amazing things about the Krown and P.Wave.

The Krown has possibly become my favourite yoyo ever. For a long while it has been the El Ranchero, but the Valor and Krown get more play these days. For me, it boasts exactly the right combination of nimble play and serious stability/spin. I can live without almost any of my other yoyos, but you have to pry the Krown from my cold, dead hands.

Mo-Vitation or heart beat

For a bit more I’d probly go for the krown

The most under-estimated yoyo ever the c3 token don’t skip it because its a smaller yoyo it plays very heavy.


I love the C3 Halo, because white delrin.

i really dont have a budget i was just windering and if i find one i like then ill get it

How about you find one you think you’ll like and then try and get opinions on it.