c3 yoyo design

hey erryone :slight_smile: I’ve been looking at some c3’s lately and wanted some help choosing. What would you recommend out of the;


I haven’t played any of those. I have other C3’s. Trident and Electric Flash are my “high dollar” ones. Very good stuff.

My uninformed recommendation will be the Krown.

All play awesome

Just go with the one that fits your preferences most

I liked the Krown more than the P-Wave and ended up buying one. I just didn’t like the squared-off edges of the P-Wave. Other than that, it was a great throw.

Have not tried the Glitter.

The runner-up for me behind the Krown was the Electric Flash. I have also played a Mo-Vitation and enjoyed it. The new black one that got released (is getting released?) looks great.