C3 Krown

Hi everybody!

I’m currently saving to buy a new yoyo, I’ve only bought a Crazy D this year, so I’d like to start 2014 as well as possible. I’ve reduced my choice to C3, a P-Wave or a Krown.

I managed to try briefly a P-Wave this summer and I really enjoyed it, but I have not had the chance to try a Krown yet.

I have issues finding relevant information about the Krown and I’d like your opinion about it, maybe some reasons why I should choose one more than the other, and I mostly want to know what you guys find to be cons to these throws. It’s really hard to find information about the cons they might have.

Maybe it’s important to note that so far, my absolute favourite throw is the YYR Sleipnir. I’ve owned 8 of them, so obviously, I tend to go with the Krown. So if someone that owns or has tried both the Sleip and the Krown could tell me if they are really different throws or not, that would be awesome.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I really enjoy the Krown. It plays kinda light, but doesn’t lack spin time or stability. DEAD smooth. Compared to the Sleipnir, the Sleipnir is more solid, and not as fast. I’d recommend the Krown everyday. I would get one of the blasted colorway, as it’ll grind much better.

I don’t really like blasted throws, and I thought the colorways of the Krown were all blasted…
I didn’t expect it to be faster though, the Sleipnir being a beast of speed already

Nope, some are shiny, some are blasted. It is a speed demon. The light weight helps a bunch.

You realize the Krown is heavier than the Sleipnir right? Haha!

Really?! Wow, it plays so much lighter!

It’s a gram heavier and a mm smaller!

In my opinion Krown is one of best throws on market, I even prefer it to most of YYR and Turning Point.

P.wave is also great throw, but feels verry sharp and feel on string is little bit strange. It feels lighter than its weight suggest

In comparison, Krown feels lighter and more enjoyable, P.wave is more solid and feels more like contest machine.

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Ahhh So they compare to each other kinda like opposing brothers!
Hm, What would the closest yoyos you could compare the 2 be?
I would think the Krown would be closer to a Sleipnir, or maybe even a Jealousy(Given the specs)
The P.wave however. Its a very smooth and straightforward shape. Yet it seems pretty darn unique since I’ve never seen anything like it. It looks like it would play like an RX, With Summit specs perhaps?

I’m not sure the P-wave plays like a RX (I’ve not tried one though) given the RX has a weight ring, I’d expect the RX to be more solid

I’m interested in this comparison too

With the shape, I’d say P Wave=Reclash

I don’t think so. The Reclash played like a much lighter sleipnir.
The Pwave is heavier and larger than both!