pwave or motivation or berserker or krown




For me Krown plays best, but it’s mainly for it’s great lower weight. From rest, Pwave is my second most favorite, but I would really recommend to wait for new beadblasted run. Movitation is similiar to Pwave, just worse, only better if you are really into horizontal grinds. I think Berserker is outdated design, newer C3 plays much better.

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Just to throw another spanner into the cogs, I’m going to go with the Berserker.


Having only tried all 4 of them for less than 5 minutes each (maybe a bit more time on the Mo), but directly compared to one-another back-to-back, Krown was what I ended up choosing.

Can’t say that a few more hours of play wouldn’t have won me over to the others, but the Krown had something “special” (probably the lower weight in a yoyo that still plays relatively solid) that I couldn’t resist. Went into YYE expecting to buy a yoyo costing no more than $120 tops, and I couldn’t resist the Krown.

I’m interested in that Dymension, though, to throw yet another spanner in the works. :wink:

Krown is probably best for competitions but the Movitation and P-wave are more fun. P-Wave is basically a 7075 Movitation with a few tweaks.

And the Berserker is outdated by the Krown IMO. Plust hard to find. Berserker RX is better and easier to find IMO.