Krown reviews?


Is there any good reviews on the c3 krown?


I haven’t seen any, and I’ve looked pretty thoroughly. I don’t want to sound negative towards C3yoyodesign, but I don’t see how they would be able to make a yoyo that comes anywhere close to the level that the Sleipnir is on. I really want to know what people who have tried the Krown think about it.


I have had 2 Sleipnirs since 2009. I Never get a 2nd of something if I don’t love the first one.

When I bought a Berserker RX, I realized it was time to put the Sleipnirs into ‘storage mode’. In my opinion, the Berserker RX shreds the Sleipnir.

I recently got a Krown… Perfect name for a yoyo fit to be a King.

So, bottom line>> I really like the Sleipnir. But I like the Berserker RX a lot better. And I like the Krown even more than the RX.

I don’t do reviews, but you asked what People thought of a Krown if they tried one?

I throw mine every day. And I have hundreds of yoyos.

It is slightly lighter than an RX. The Krown is almost, almost the same diameter, width and shape as the Berserker. But they moved the weight around and the Krown is also completely 7075. The berserker is 6061 with fitted 7075 weight rings. The Krown is lighter on the string than either the Sleipnir or the Berserker.

The Sleipnir actually feels sluggish compared to the Krown. The weight distribution is better on both the RX and the Krown. The Krown is more stable than the Sleipnir. And waaaay smoother on the string. My Krown is General Yo Smooth… Dead smooth. And the finish on the Krown is slick. A grinders delight. And the Krown has a very excellent IGR.

The only tiny thing I don’t like about the Krown is that the very outer corners of the rims could have been slightly rounded(more). I like more of a ‘rolled edge’ on v shape yoyos. Berserker and Krown have the same ‘cornered corner’ so to speak. They could have rounded it more like an Anglam or Chik. Not a lot, just a tad. When you hold the Krown in your hand, you are very aware of the ‘boxed’ edges.

The good new is that the thing plays so well, it will be in the air most of the time, so it doesn’t really matter, lol.

Krown>Sleipnir. The Sleipnir did not seem ‘dated’ until I threw a Doomsday Genesis and a Berserker RX.

Once I threw the Krown, I realized things were only getting better.

YYF Special Release Weekend!
YYF Special Release Weekend!
YYF Special Release Weekend!

Yes! Loving the Doomsday Genesis shoutout! There is nowhere near enough love for that yoyo going on, YYF created something truly amazing with that throw…

Great review! What more could you ask for? I’ve been wanting to pick up a Beserker Rx for a while but I might just grab a Krown now, sounds awesome. =)


Have you ever tried a Mo-Vitation or OG Berserker? How did those play/compare?


Thank you for your input in this doc.


I want a Doomsday Genesis now!


I’ll certainly second the high opinions of the “DoomsDay Genesis”. I bought one on a recommendation from YoYoGeezer, and I was genuinely surprised what a fantastic YoYo it is!
It’s a bit of a mystery to me how such a great throw has received such minimal praise on the forums.

The original Genesis was my favorite YYF to begin with, but the DoomsDay took even that to the next step.

If you have not had the chance to throw one, I could not recommend it any higher.

Great news on the Krown as well YoYoDoc, I’ve been on the fence about buying one, now I think I’ll give one a try. The fact you find it superior to the RX is quite a statement given how much I love the RX. Thanks for posting your thoughts about it.


I also agree that the 7075 genesis is awesome.


I’ve heard a lot of good things about the 7075 Genesis also, but I’ve never been able to try one. After hearing input on the Krown I’d really like to try one.