H5xChief, Krown, or Berserker RX?

Which C3 throw should I get?
Being that my favorite throw is the 7075 chief I’m leaning towards the h5 version

The h5 is really big tho lol

H5xChied is nothing like a chief lol. The Krown is the best out of the three

Having played all those, my personal preference is for the Krown. Its a FANTASTIC yoyo. good balance, good weight, spins for ever, comfortable to play with, handles everything I can throw at it and I’m sure far more.

H5xChief is gigantic, I’m not a fan of super big throws so it wasn’t for me.

The RX is also a great yoyo, but I prefer the Krown better for overall feel and comfort. Really no bad yoyo among them, it all comes down to personal preference.

The Krown out of the 3, but I would go with the C3 yoyodesign P.wave. It is 7075. It is super fast, spins forever and very stable. It is also a beast at horizontal and a very wide catch zone.

H5xChief is the least favorite oversized throw I’ve tried to date. Krown wins for sure in my mind. If you want an oversized yoyo get an Overdrive which is a beast or crucial jirorian which is really fun.

The Krown is also 7075

What exactly are ur preferences? Of the three I’d say krown.

I love the Chief, the H5xChief has 0 appeal to me. I think the Berserker RX and Krown both look great though.