If you were to get a C3yoyodesign yoyo, which one would you chose?

I’m really torn on this at the moment, don’t really have any preferences. I just want a good c3.

I heard the Trident is really good.

berserker or trident

Berserker RX

The Berserker is fantastic so if money is no object I’d go for that (or wait to hear if the new Berserker RX is just as good or even better).

Of their other models that I’ve tried I thought the Yeah3, H5xChief and Halo all played really nicely; Glitter and Capless were ok; and I wasn’t too impressed with the Di Base.

I haven’t tried the Dark Sonic or Trident but I’ve heard good things about them.

Right now if you like wide throws go with the master galaxy. Very fun to play with and incredibly smooth and stable. I was even more blown away with a KK in the throw so amazing with it. Not to mention this thing spins for a very long time and is just begging for more after my longest combos.

Only one I’ve played is the yeah3 and it’s amazing. Plays super smooth.


I would get the berserker if I had the money. I currently have the the capless and I love it.

Capsule 2.0

How’s the H3xChief?

Its really nice, but I would get a Master Galaxy or a Berserker over it