I have 165 in store credit, and I was thinking about either the krown or berserker SS if there is a new run soon. Any opinions?

The Krown is really good. Another yoyo which is a little similar to the Krown but is also a “must have” is the OD Valor. The Valor is also made in the U.S.A. which for me is a big plus. If I were you I would get the Valor but you will be happy with either decision you make. :slight_smile:

Berserker SS over krown in my opinion.

Would also consider the Irony JPX since I believe it’s due for a restock. Maybe save some more and grab a slasher. That or pick up some fun plastics like the crazy D or diffusion 2. The adegle accel is also commonly overlooked but performs very well too.

i just took the splash sleipnir off bst not gonna let op get it

I have a JPX but I was looking at the Accel too. Also, I like the smooth inner wall of the Krown. What do you think of the slasher/phaser

Budget raised to 195

Honestly, Berserker ss
I heard so many good things about it; some say its kinda on par with a draupnir

Plus it comes with a nice bearing and some decent colors :slight_smile:

It is sold out

I like the look of the slasher but it is weirdly rounded. Any thoughts?

My choices:
Berserker SS (If they restock)
Other thingyz

Krown continues to be one of my top yoyos ever, along with the Valor mentioned earlier. :wink:

Have not played a Berserker SS in order to recommend it or not.

I would recommend the Valor. It’s 120$ and I’d purchase a kk to put on it, maybe ceramic. It is fast stable and long spinning. It is also a horizontal beast. However if you are really into grinding I’d suggest a blasted Krown, however the Valor does not grind poorly at all, but a blasted throw has a slight edge.

^^ Joseph knows what’s up with what’s down!

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I think I’m going to buy a new Red/Orange Krown

Krown was pretty meh to me. Great at everything, versatile and there’s nothing it can’t do, but just feels a little flat and dull. A bit lifeless. But performance-wise it’s great, just doesn’t have that something.

^^ One opinion. Here’s another (and keep in mind, I’m not saying the Krown is the ultimate yoyo for all people):

I was on a rare trip that gave me access to pretty much any yoyo I could want, and I had no real “set” budget. I tried out dozens of yoyos that weekend. Dozens. One of the first was the Krown. I was like, “whoah!” and enjoyed it right off the top. NathanC describes it very well except that I found the slightly lighter-than-average weight gave it a surprizing zippy feeling on the string that matched incongruously with the long spin time and great stability.

But… I mean, who gets one of the first yoyos they try? So I kept at it. Periodically checking in on the Krown and trying NOT to buy it because despite no budget, it was kinda pricey. To make a long story short, I had a $120 yoyo in my hand, was like, “This is good enough, and it’s friendlier to my wallet.” But then at the last moment, I was like, “I’mma regret it FOREVER (no melodrama here, haha!) if I don’t just buy the Krown.”

That was a polished edition. I sold it eventually so that I could by a fully-blasted edition. That means that if you factor in the “lost” money from selling it, I have a Krown that cost me basically $200. And I don’t regret it a bit.

When I find other yoyos are starting to feel lifeless, it’s the Krown that I go back to because to me it HAS that special something that not many “great at everything” yoyos have. I’m all about unique yoyos… heck, the Pac is one of my favourites. So believe me when it’s not usually an “all-arounder” that gets me going. But this one keeps me coming back.

To support what NathanC is saying (oddly enough), after my initial honeymoon I actually fell out with it about 2 weeks or a month after I got it home. There were other more “unique” yoyos that were demanding my attention. So I know where he’s coming from. But I would still pick it up every few days, and when I did, I would go, “Yeah… it’s still really cool, this thing…!” (but go back to whatever else I was playing). Until finally it became clear that the repeated experience of “discovering it all over again” meant that it’s really just a perfect fit for me.

Had a similar experience with the Valor, mind you. :wink: Thought it had no “soul” at first, and then it just got into my head. Now they’re two of the yoyos that I can not only “count on” for reliability, but for FUN almost any time I play.

I guess that’s meant to be taken also as a disclaimer: if you do get the Krown (or the Valor for that matter) and your first reaction is more like NathanC’s instead of mine, you’re probably not going crazy. But give it time. Just like with good music, sometimes it takes time for the real beauty to become apparent. :wink:

If I get a Krown I have 35 dollars left any Ideas?
I think like an offstring or a diffusion

or string
or a bearing
or diffusion 2
or some classics

is that listed as New Diffusion

^ Yeh, if you choose to get the Diffusion make sure it’s the ‘new’ one.

I am inclined to respectfully disagree with Nathan and to agree with Greg. If anything, I found the Krown to be rather unique in it’s play style. Comparing it to what I would consider ‘lifeless’ yoyos (CZM8, New Superstar), the difference is night and day. Whilst “float” is something that is unique to any individual and impossible to quantify, as far as I’m concerned the Krown is practically a helium balloon masquerading as a yoyo. When I first threw it I had a genuine “whoa!” moment, I’d never felt anything like it.

Still, I guess that just shows that tastes differ. You might love it, you might hate it, but you’ll never know until you’ve tried it.

The ONLY thing I didn’t like about the Krown was that I found it too snaggy (granted, I do use YYSL Ammo which is a thicker string). Nothing puts me off a yoyo like a snaggy response (same problem I had with the CLYW Arctic Circle and the 3yo3 Bassline 2), so it wasn’t long before the Krown became one of the only yoyos I have ever sold.

That being said, there’s no denying it’s a fantastic yoyo. If you use thinner/normal string and the response gives you no problems, which is doesn’t seem to for Greg or Shinya himself, then you’re in for a treat. :slight_smile:

The most recent run of krowns produced many vibey ones including mine and maybe another 10 people who bought one at billybobsafterplasticwhips christmas sale. took me literally forever to tune it
this photo was taken on that day when i finally got to accually throw it more than 3 months later