so don’t buy it? I think i’m going to go for a slasher

Hm well now i feel like getting another. Maybe i missed something the first few times i played with mine before i sold it.

The first one I had was too snaggy, also, Gambit. Forgot about that! Used red gasket-maker to dial it in to perfection. The next one I got was from the run kadabrium is referring to, which had slight revisions to it. They must’ve revised the gap or changed their pads, because not a snag to be found.

I definitely believe kadabrium even though I hadn’t heard of a vibe issue myself, but the Krown I got from that batch is the smoothest yoyo I’ve ever played.

I’m having mixed feelings for the krown ugh

I bought a Red/Yellow Krown, just like the one you’re looking at, a couple months ago. I found it a little too snaggy for my liking out of the box, but it broke in after a few hours, and now it’s just right for me, even with thicker string (YYSL Ammo). I’m assuming it’s from the same batch as kadabrium’s, but I haven’t had any problems with vibe-- it’s always been extremely smooth. Also, for me it’s the exact opposite of “lifeless”-- I find it to be an exceptionally fun yoyo that I keep returning to, and, out of the 12 high-end metals in my collection, it gets the most play by far.

I think I am going to save up for a palpitation because of the new restock

I found the Palpitation to be a bit lifeless. Without character. :wink:

Hahaha! ;D Hooray for different perspectives. :wink:

how about leviathan 5 :slight_smile:
mine just arrived yesterday ;D

What is a yoyo that you find to have “more character”

The Krown. :wink:

Cascade. OG Puffin. H5xChief. Pacquiao. Square Wheels Nomad. Just to name a few. :wink:

REALLY liking the look and specs of the Leviathan 5, though. That one seems like something I’d enjoy.

I think I’ll wait it out and see if anything new comes to yye, because I only have Store Credit which stinks but whatever :-\
Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

and i have it :slight_smile:

If I can’t decide I’m probably going to get a Valor or Krown

You can always consider waiting just a little bit for more Irony Jpx’s to come out. For the price you can have two which would be great if you’re looking to compete with them. The Jpx is made by Werrd and also has 7075 aluminum.

Got one already :slight_smile: That was the first run right?

I also want a valor
But with the solid color :), so i’ll probably wait for it…

Yeah I feel like splashes are tacky unless they’re done right

Any thoughts on the Phaser? it looks awesome to me

I don’t know much about the phaser. But just so you know One Drop currently has Solid color Valors that are being engraved at the moment. So it shouldn’t take long before they hit stores.

or you find them in almost every color at billybobs or you even buy mine