Looking for a complete competition level yoyo

So, I want to get a complete competition level yoyo, but there are too many choices and I can’t choose. I really haven’t tried many different shapes but I prefer a V or H shape. My preferred weight range is 64-66, might go a little over but nothing over 68. I want it to be fast, not crazy fast but pretty fast and I want it to be pretty stable. I don’t care about grinding at all so its ok if it sucks at grinds. My price range is about $100-$160, might go a little over. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

-valor $120
-krown $160
-berserker ss(need $20 more)$180

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Honestly, check out Onedrop benchmark V/H. They are a steal AND you’ll get the flexibility of side effects to change up the weight as needed. Also, they have some sick new colors up on YYE.

Format C, Valor. General Yo Amplitude for something smaller. The Amplitude isn’t a great grinder but plays like silk and can go blisteringly fast when you need it to, I love it.

1st: OD benchmark for flexibility and price
2nd: GenYo amplitude for speed and coolness :wink:
3rd: OD Format C & Valor for all around greatness

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Ah I forgot to mention eternal throw elysian and is ce ciwboy for h shape yoyos ;D

Ummm what about a Yoyofactory VKSS #teamvashek.

Space cowboy sounds pretty perfect to you. Meets all the requirements and the bimetal helps with the stability a lot.

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