C3 Krown vs. One Drop Valor

Hi everyone, I’m trying to decide between these two yoyos for my first 7075 aluminum throw. I notice that they both have very similar stats (56 mm diameter, 43/45 mm width, 66g weight), and I am wondering about how they compare. Has anyone played them both? If you could choose only one, which would it be and why?

Also, I already have a One Drop Gradient, which again has very similar stats (56 mm diameter, 44 mm width, 66g weight), and I am wondering if it is very similar in play to either the Krown or the Valor.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Two of Greg’s favourite yo-yos… this’ll be interesting. :wink:

This is actually a suprisingly difficult one. They really are both very very good yo-yos and it’s taken me a while to choose between them.

I’d say the Krown plays lighter and faster than the Valor, whereas the Valor seems to have a slight edge in terms of stability and spin. They both have a response that is a touch too snaggy for my liking (I use thick string so most people wouldn’t have the same issue I’m sure), but it seems to me that this is more prominent on the Krown than the Valor.

The Krown grinds better since the catch zone is blasted. The Valor grinds decently but not to the same degree.

If I was forced at gunpoint to make the choice, I think I’d go with the Valor. The Krown truly is a unique playing yoyo thats a joy to throw, but I like my yo-yos stable and long spinning, so the slightly better performance is a bit more of a selling point to me than the cloud-like lightness of the Krown. It’s also a little less snaggy response-wise, which did frustrate me at times with my Krown often bouncing off my knuckles.

One thing is for certain, whatever one you choose you are getting a sensational yoyo. You really cannot go wrong with either, but it’s the Valor for me. :slight_smile:

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Don’t even bother comparing…

Just buy them both…They are both “must haves”.

IMO :wink:

Haha! Yes indeed! Two of my faves. Gambit described them pretty much perfectly. Exactly the comparisons I would make, so just read his post again and you have my opinion on them, too.

Regarding the response: I’ve owned two Krowns from two different revisions. The first was indeed too snaggy. Annoyingly so. I ripped out the response pads and put in my own response with red gasket-maker silicone. The second revision had a perfect response for normal-thickness string right out of the box. For the Valor, I really think One Drop has it dialled in for me for the perfect normal-thickness string response. I don’t tend to play fat strings anymore, so I can’t say I’ve ever had a complaint with regards to the Valor. With normal kitty, it’s all purrrrfick.

If you put a gun to my head? I would probably go with the Krown because I tend to prefer lighter yoyos but more importantly…because mine is blasted. If I had a blasted Valor I really don’t want to imagine having to choose between them. :wink:

Both amazing yoyos. As indicated by stickman… just get both! It’s only a matter of deciding which one to get first… :wink:

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I will choose valor, stability and long spin means all to me haha, but if i have much more money, krown is a must to buy too

Thanks guys! I ended up getting a Krown as I wanted to get an order in before the Winter Giveaway ended. It plays great!

Glad you like it!

Krown is my second want to buy list after valor
And I’m glad OD is restocking it, but the biggest problem is i have insufficient money about $30, I afraid that valor will go as fast as ligthning like seven summit
Maybe i will jst get gungnir as alternative option ahhahaha
Sorry if I post this to the wrong thread