Buying one last yoyo

Hey guys so I’m buying one of my last yo-yos and want it to be perfect. I wanted to get your opinion on which are the best! Preferably ONE DROP or C3yoyodesign yoyo. What do you guys recommend? (color would prefer light blue or pink)

One last yoyo…

Haha! I remember saying that 20 yoyos ago.


well one of my last yo-yos haha. anyways what do you recommend?

I really can’t speak based on experience of these throws, but the berserker SS has gotten great reviews and you should maybe look into that or the Slasher by sOMEThING.

My personal favorite that I can vow for and is still in production and would be great for competition is the YYR Draupnir.

you mean the yyf? not yyr?

Get a Draupnir or some other really nice expensive bi-metal and be done with it 8)

where can i find it? an what other bi metals are there?

There are currently many bi-metal yoyos. You can find where the draupnir is sold by searching yoyorecreation draupnir but I think it is out of stock. It will be in stock sometime this year, i’m assuming, no idea when exactly.

Yoyo factory space cowboy is pretty decent too.

In terms of bimetals I’d say the palpitation and draupnir are the top 2. The slasher, agonist and Schneider MK-II are also top choices.

I’d say any of those should do you extremely well and you shouldn’t need anything else. that said they’re all pretty much $200+ models. Yoyorecreation doesn’t have any draupnirs available but their newest model the sputnik is currently in stock and available but it’s on the smaller side. If you like smaller yoyos I’d definitely recommend it or the new leviathan 6.

The berserker SS is up there with them as well but if you want something on the cheaper side there’s the space cowboy.

Also if you like thinner throws the isotope 2 or laser may be more your style.

What about yoyo factory yo-yos? or c3yoyodesign yo-yos do you recommend?

From yoyofactory I’d either be grabbing a space cowboy at $120, or the Too Hot at $45. Not much in-between that interests me these days except maybe the aviator.

For C3 it’d probly be Berserker SS, Movitation, or Accelerator.

Ok what about one drop? and what exactly are bi metal yo-yos? (do they play better?)

If u want a c3 yoyo, get berserker ss, if Od, get valor
If other brand ( my opinion)
Yyf-space cowboy
Yomega- prodigy

Yeah, back about 1998 or so I decided I needed to buy just one aluminum yoyo so I could say I had tried one. I bought a Diffeyo GTO from a guy on another forum. Proved to be a slippery slope. :wink:

I don’t think I read anything about your preferences anywhere.

But as a blind recommendation… I’d say don’t get sucked in by the bi-metal hype. One of the best yoyos you can own, and a yoyo I could see being my “only” yoyo (if I decided to be a minimalist) is the C3 Krown. It’s available in pink and some variations on blue themes.

I’d recommend a Markmont. Classic as something different from any other mentions so far. Everything that has been listed so far has been a good recommendation. I think the MC belongs among those recommendations.

One Drop/CLYW summit