Buy another space cowboy??

I’ve thrown tons of yoyos but nothing quite like the space cowboy, I plan on using it in competitions and I might buy another one, but before I do I wanted to ask you all if there are any other recommendations that you have for another good yoyo.


Depends on what you’re wanting to spend. For the price, you can’t beat a Horizon in my opinion. Though I’ve never reall dealt with anything in the $100+ range.

Where do I buy a draupnir??

Yoyorecreation official site

Definitely worth trying the other bimetals on the market

From my first choice to last choice:
Isotope 2
Anglam CC

^ That Anglam CC is great, but I haven’t tried the new version. I highly recommend that one.

As for Space Cowboy, I have to admit that I just bought a second one, so who am I to judge? :smiley: I got Pulsar and recently U.S.A. It’s a fantastic throw. Go for it!