Bi-Metal... Again

Favorite Bi-Metal Yoyo? I only have the Anglam so I guess that would be it, but Im also looking at the rapid

the 2014 genesis…

hspin g&e2

IMO obviously

Space Cowboy>Draupnir>Palpitation

I own all three and find I pick up the cowboy most of the time, I do find the Draupnir very fun to play though being as it is so light.

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The Space Cowboy is better than the Palpitation???

i think hes using the symbol wrong…


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Lol no, I’d take a space cowboy over a palpitation any day.

  1. Draupnir
  2. Berserker SS
  3. Anglam
  4. Space Cowboy
  5. Laser

g&e2 by hspin as well…night moves iv by yyj is also very nice :slight_smile:



  1. Vox
  2. Rapid (plays like the Thunderbolt but just slightly lighter on the string and in 7075 with better ano. It costs twice as much as the Thunderbolt but doesn’t play that much better)
  3. Thunderbolt
  4. Space Cowboy

Another cheap bi-metal to look at is the Rainfly.

You got a big budget don’t you

Do u even know geezer




Same here. The Palpitation was a bit too heavy for me.

1.) Slasher
2.) Draupnir
3.) Anglam
4.) Sputnik
5.) Berserker SS
6.) Sturm Panzer SY-002 Leo Sniper
7.) YYJ Next Level
8.) Space Cowboy

I owned the King Yo Star “Rapid” which I will mention, but someone liberated it from me. >:(

The Sputnik is a bi metal doesn’t even look it???

Rainfly is the poor man’s draupnir.
Performs better than the rapid

My personal favorite is the Schneider MK-II followed by the Sputnik.

On board with you here. I fully expected to hate the Cowboy but it was a pure joy to throw. The Draupnir is without a doubt the strongest performer I’ve owned and I enjoyed it a great deal, but I’ve sold all 3 I’ve owned simply because I was reaching for something other than Draupnir most of the time. I liked the Palpitation and loved the look of both of the ones I owned but it just wasn’t a yoyo I felt like I needed to own. While I don’t own any of those 3 right now, if you told me I had to pick one of those yoyos to own (and I wasn’t allowed to sell it), I would pick the Space Cowboy.