Reccomend me a yoyo based on my likes.


Hey all. I’ve been away from the yoyo community for like a year now… and theres a ton more new yoyos that have been released. I’m trying to downsize my collection and limit it to one or two really good yoyos, and then a bunch of smaller ones.

My question for you all: what yoyo would suits my fancy the best?

My favorite yoyos to date have been the Cascade, Skywalker, and the Arctic Circle.

Anything you guys can recommend based on that? Or has there been a yoyo released in the past year thats a “must have” that I should just get despite my likes?


Draupnir has been getting nothing but praise for being the best yoyo ever. Everyone loves the arctic circle 2 as well. Right now everyone is obsessing about the budget market though with the Too Hot from yoyofactory and all the new yoyofficer throws. There’s a cult following of the Ape-X as well.

general-yo is due to release the amplitude soon which is worth checking out as well.


There are tons of good Japanese yo-yos that have come out too but only the yoyorecreations get any love around here.

The Draupnirs are amazing though. There are a few left in stock at a couple Japanese stores (raw). If you decide you want one PM me and I can tell you where to go.


I would honestly check out the gambit from 2sickyoyos! that has been one of my go to throws (along with my cascade). its a really great player and is incredibly smooth, stable, spins forever, and has perfect specs. not to mention it looks awesome, feels great in the hand, and has some cool colorways. there some reviews in the review section and I know you won’t be dissapointed, I know I wasn’t as well as many others that got one!

keep us updated with what you end up getting or if you have any more questions! :slight_smile:


I know you want an orange DANG.

Seriously though, check out the T1. It’s like an oversized Cascade.


Wooooow did you remember me asking you about an orange dang from like a year ago??? That’s pretty good.

I got a players only dang now ;).

Ti definetly sparked my interest. Its pretty high up on my list.


Tenyoyo Bebop as well now that I think of it