$100 yoyo


I’ve been doing yoyos for about five months and have really gotten into it! I’ve got some pretty nice yoyos, but I’ve been planning on saving up for a fancier yoyo.

I want to know if anyone has any suggestions for a really good yoyo.
My price range is less than $150.
I really enjoy freehand and looping tricks.
I already have a Mosquito, Freehand Zero, Dark Magic II, and a Loop 1080.

I’m eying the H3X, but I’d really like some suggestions.



Get a model 10. You will not be upset, at all. Or a bit harder, get a klr. If you only want new yoyos, I would go for a hex, it looks awesome.


What do you like in a yoyo? I reccomend the Yyf genesis


CLYW Summit would be my recommendation. Check that out. Some other good ones are the Cascade, and Avalanche, and Arctic Circle. If you like yoyojam the H3X, Titan3, and Diamondback are fine choices. If you want to get into 2a just get another 1080 and your set. And if you like freehand dont use the high ends i recommended above. The dm2 should be fine for that.


The H3X it is great. If you like freehand tricks don’t get the H3X look at the Quest or the Destiny


This guy. I would especially (for 1a) recommend the arctic circle or summit. I love the summit, and I haven’t tried the arctic citlce but hear its also amazing.

(kclejeune) #7

Summit all the way. My favorite yoyo. You also can’t go wrong with a cascade.


Can we have your playstyle so we can better suit your yoyo?


I don’t own many, but I’m eyeing the HEX myself, there are also Chief and Arctic Circle by CLYW (almost any CLYW or One Drop). there’s YYF H.O.T and plenty other good ones!


The Avalanche, and if you can afford it, a Chief.

Both are the top 2 CLYW throws.

Or the Summit, that thing rocks.


C3 dark sonic is one of the most smoothest yoyo ever.

(2Sick Joey) #12

Deadly SpINS Pride coming in a few weeks hopefully so I’d say wait for them! I may be a little biased though :wink:


The new one drop coming out looks very promising to!


The One Drop Chik comes out this Friday, and I suggest you pick it up. It’s $88, but it has SE and the Burnside profile, and every Burnside I’ve played has been very pleasant.


I own a C3 Capless… wait, It owns me.


Thanks for all the suggestions. I’m currently thinking about getting The Summit.

One thing I forgot to mention is that I really want to start getting into Mobius and Off String.

Basically I want to try at least some of all types of yo-yoing.




C3 came out with the Gaia which is $65 and its for offstring, but it isn’t available here on yye yet. You can’t really go wrong with any of C3’s throws and they look totally awesome.


Cool! I tried looking it up on Google but couldn’t find where I could buy it.



Look for a used Messiah.

Or a Cascade.