Looking for a new yoyo

I’ve started saving up for a new yoyo and I wanted some advice on what to get.

Price isn’t really an issue. I’d prefer to spend less than $180 though.

I like string tricks, counter-weight, looping, and I’d like to get into off-string, and moebius. Basically I’d like to try all kinds of yo-yoing.

I like 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, etc…

I already own a DMII, Surge, Loop 1080, Freehand Zero, and a Mosquito. I really like all of them.

I know how to do a bind return.

I like metal and plastic yoyos. (haven’t tried wood)

I’ve been eying the Summit and Gaia.

Any advice is appreciated!


Do you want a 1a 2a 3a 4a or 5a yoyo?

I would like to try any (I think I already said that in the post, but I might have missed it). I’ve done string tricks, counter-weight, and looping already. So I’d like any type of yoyo.

Definitely get a pair of loopers (raiders, unleashed etc.) or get another loop 1080. For offstring, I have a YYJ Fiesta, its great! Then, get a high end metal for one and five A. There are so many choices out there that I’m only going to make a few recommendations at around $100: Code 2, Supernova/Genesis, and of course, the Summit ;D

Gor looping, I say unleashed, but really any will do. For 1a, I say a summit, or chief or something. 4a, I really dont know. And anything for 1a, use for 5a.

I think the code 2 would fit you well because it works for 1A and 5A but it’s also not bad for 3A