Looking for a nice responsive A2


First of all I want to apologize for my bad writing! I’m not an english speaker.

I used to play with yoyo when I was younger, I walked in a toy store and couldn’t help buying a protech yo yo with light… the only one they had…
I played with it for a few days and got caught up by the virus again… Prob is, the plastic axe broke and now it’s unusuable so I m looking for a new one that I hope will last longer.

I made some research, to know a little more about what I want so I will try to answer your question test:

-Do you know how to bind the yoyo? (If you don’t know what bind means then you don’t know how)
yes, but I’m not interrested in a non ressponsive 1A class yoyo… Eccept if you can switch between the too styles wich could be interesting… but my main interest is in looping.

-Do you have a yoyo that you own or played with that you have liked very much? Describe every detail. Eg. what kind of friction stickers you are using, cleaned bearing or not, and so on.

No but I would like something very smooth, very responsive and not too noisy.

-Do you have a preferred shape of the yoyo? Answer it by saying like the shape similar to this or that yoyo. Some people just hopping into the yoyo groove haven’t tried all the shapes and want to explore. When this happens its all about experimenting. Please try new yoyos at contests or anywhere you can get ahold of someone for those of you in this situation. The more yos you try the less likely you are going to order something you don’t like. for those of you who live in a cave. then buy a yoyo and live with it.

I really like the shape of the bumble bee. I like to be able to put it in my pocket… so a wide buterfly is not interesting to me.

-Do you have a preferred weight or weight distribution? Answer it saying similar to this or that yoyo.
Here is what s written on the one I own: pro-tech yoyo magic return laser pattern professional. I actually like the weight and I wouldn’t like a lighter. I like to feel it well in suspension when doing a sleeper, so I would prefer an heavy one… feeling hard to explain :confused:

-Do you have a price range?
more than 20$ is not suitable

-Do you have a certain amount of yoyos narrowed down? List them.
Duncan Speed Beetle Yoyo or Bumble Bee yoyo look like what I want. The shape seems to let the possibility to make both loops and wire trick. But maybe to light

-Do you prefer a certain brand?

-Are you looking for a yoyo that specializes a style? Like looping, off string, freehand, etc.
I really love Looping, but I would like to be able to perform some easy string tricks too.

-Do you prefer a certain response syetem?
Well, my yoyo was using an auto system with a little plastic intercepting the rope when going slow. I hated that… first I feel like I m not totally in control on when I call it back and I hate the clunky sound of the cluch, sounds weak and I feel like it damages the rope quickly. I would love something very smooth and responsive that I CONTROL.

-Do you want hubsstacks or z stacks?
I don’t want something that keeps rolling when I hold it… I want a normal yoyo… no fancies, no light… a well balanced yoyo to have fun.

-What trick are you currently working on?
I broke mine in a looping… If you have any suggestion for a new light bulb I could be interrested too :wink:

-Do you want a yoyo to Thumb grind or arm grind good?
Not specially

I try to do as much research as I could to help you to help me but it s the more I can say… and in belgium, there are really no place where I can try or really look at some yoyos

Thank you very much for the time!


Based on your budget:

If you’re talking a “per yoyo” and the price is under $20:
The YoYoJam Unleashed is the way to go. The yoyo can be twisted to adjust the gap.

If you can justify a bit more, the YYF Loop 1080 is well worth considering. While my preferences like the Unleashed better, the 1080 is also awesome. The Loop 1080 has a mechanism to adjust the gap.

I’ve found the Adegle Macaron, at $10 each, not something I would recommend. There’s quality control issues, and you’ll need to double loop AND lube the clean bearing it ships with. It’s not bad, but it’s not great. This is a fixed gap yoyo. It uses a variaion of the starburst called “Spiral Claw”.

For around $11 each, the YYF Loop 808 and the $8 Loop 360 are worth checking out. I think people seem to prefer the Loop 360 more. These both use silicone response pads, where-as the others use a starburst response. These are fixed gap yoyos.

Going back up to around $20/yoyo, I’m considering getting a pair of the Duncan Hornets.

With 2A, you’ll want to experiment with strings, gap settings(if an option) and lubes.


He wants a yoyo capable of string tricks, but is responsive enough to throw out a couple loops at the same time. At least ththat’s the way I understood it.

Yoyofactory Velocity is for you, friend! You can set it to be however responsive or unresponsive you like, its only $15 AND its a really good yoyo. Get yourself one of them and a couple hundred strings and you’re set.


I wouldn’t recommend a Velocity for looping. Yeah, it can be done, but it’s not ideal. I’d recommend a YYF Loop 808. It has a shape like the bumblebee, but you don’t have to worry about friction pads. If you want something with a light, you could go with the Duncan Pulse. It’s a nice throw, but I burned through friction pads way too fast.

The Loop 808 has an O-ring response system that lasts a long time, spins plenty long, but comes when you tug on it. I much prefer the 808 over the 360; the 360 is more responsive (smaller gap), but it is nowhere near as smooth and too light. They both fit in the pocket nicely.

Buy a Loop 808, some thick lube (or just use oil), and some slick 6 50/50 (poly/cotton) strings and you are set.
If you want it even more responsive, just double or triple wrap the axle. I find a single wrap to be sufficient.

If you are just beginning, I’d recommend getting a different yo-yo for string tricks than looping. A butterfly shape is much easier to land for a trapeze than an imperial/classic type… it can be done, but it depends on how much extra time you want to practice.


Thank you for all answers.
Yes I was talking 20$ per yo-yo…
And my main goal is looping before the rest!

So I will think between Loop 1080 and LOOP 808
Thank you very much!