What should I get

-Do you know how to bind the yoyo? (If you don’t know what bind means then you don’t know how)


-Do you have a yoyo that you own or played with that you have liked very much? Describe every detail. Eg. what kind of friction stickers you are using, cleaned bearing or not, and so on.

Power spin glow wing. Butterfly shape, transaxle

-Do you have a preferred shape of the yoyo? Answer it by saying like the shape similar to this or that yoyo. Some people just hopping into the yoyo groove haven’t tried all the shapes and want to explore. When this happens its all about experimenting. Please try new yoyos at contests or anywhere you can get ahold of someone for those of you in this situation. The more yos you try the less likely you are going to order something you don’t like. for those of you who live in a cave. then buy a yoyo and live with it.


-Do you have a preferred weight or weight distribution? Answer it saying similar to this or that yoyo.

similar to duncan butterfly

-Do you have a price range?

under £15

-Do you have a certain amount of yoyos narrowed down? List them.


-Do you prefer a certain brand?

Yes- Yomega

-Are you looking for a yoyo that specializes a style? Like looping, off string, freehand, etc.

off string

-Do you prefer a certain response syetem?


-Do you want hubsstacks or z stacks?


-What trick are you currently working on?

Man on trapeze

-Do you want a yoyo to Thumb grind or arm grind good?


My first yoyo was a YYF velocity. Very good for learning. It’s not yomega but it has a dial on the side that is perfect for starters. It can go from returning to your hand with a single tug, to being dead unresponsive (you would need to perform a bind to retrieve the yoyo). I highly recommend it and it’s only 15 USD which goes to a bit over 11 Euros.

Hang on do you want a regular 1A yoyo for learning string tricks or an off string yoyo?

they were saying a yoyo like the butterfly and a first trick as trapeze so i assumed they meant 1A

Yeah but it sais he wants an offstring…

But for 1A I would get a YYJ Classic to learn on. It is great.

I had a fast 201 for my first yoyo and it was awesome

I need to agree with the velocity in the sense that its cheap and its RESPONSE ADJUSTABLE ;D ;D ;D
Which wil help a lot…i guess
good luck anyway

I’ve had a starter yoyo like the fast and the classic as well as a velocity. I would recommend the fast and the classic or the one over the velocity. I like the velocity but for me changing bearings was far better than the adjustment knobs.

A 1A yoyo which would fit those criteria (ignoring the “offstring” comment because that’s a completely different style) would be the Yomega Ooch. It’s responsive out of the box but can be made unresponsive when you want to go that way.

At $25 US it comes to 15.13 British Pounds so it’s right in that price range as well.

It also happens to be a very good yoyo.

I’d say to get a yyj classic. Your budget would allow you to buy a responsive one as well as have the necessities to make it unresponsive when you want to progress

Do you guys realize the original post was from July of last year?
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