The five best yoyo right now ?

Hey! i would like to have your opinion on what are the 5 best yoyo right now,not your best five but really the best overall, we can agree that the drauphnir is kinda obvius and aside of that the od valor get a lot of aplause but for the rest i don’t know

Anglam CC
Irony JPX
Yoyomonster Checkmate

^^ That would be best for performance, but what best are you looking for :wink:

Is Irony JPX really up there? I knew it’d be really good but I didn’t think it’d be THAT good, if that made any sense :smiley:

clyw monstertruck
onedrop zim zam
yoyofactory spin circle
dual rim metal grind
duncan OG cushion

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I fully agree.

I don’t know how anybody could agree on “What the best is” seeing there are so many different styles of play now. For example, a Hornet is very decent for 2A while a Torque is much better for 1A and a Skyhawk great for 4A, etc. etc. That is a pretty generic set of examples because there is so many different Manufacturers to choose from offering “what they perceive of as the best” in different price ranges. But some of those listed thus far above are very good throws.

I was talking about 1a and asking a general opinion

I think when people ask what the “best yoyo” is they are referring to “best performance.” I think it is generally agreed that the draupnir is the best yoyo. The difficult part is naming four others :stuck_out_tongue:

Just making sure this thread doesn’t get sidetracked: Don’t say “there isn’t a best yoyo; it’s all preference”. That isn’t what this thread is about.

I might agree with the top 3. Irony and checkmate maybe not. I’ve never even heard of the checkmate before. I’ve heard of the CZM8 though.

We must not forget about the Triumph though. Everybody I’ve talked to about it has solidly picked it over the barracuda, and the barracuda has a pretty good track record.

They are IMO.
Auldey Equilibrium.
Auldey Ares Stars.
Yoyorec Laser.

Why am I not surprised

:smiley: I actually tried a lot of high end yoyos and its hard to beat them spin time wise and stability wise. One of the person in my club have like literally over 9000 dollars of yoyos. :smiley: including the drazzler.

Dat drazzler doe

All kidding aside I’m sure Auldey makes some good stuff.

Nope, Auldey’s yoyos are horrible. Only the 3 Marcus Koh’s Signatures are good.

So Auldey does make “some” good material. :wink:

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YoyoRaptory Shudder
Bugaboo Lodge MisChief
Churning Point Cavitation
YoyoConfarreation Nuzzler
VsWYYC DogeWaker

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The current best 5 1A yoyos are whatever the top 5 1A players currently hold in their hands.
Great players make the best out of what they throw, the yoyo is just along for the ride.
Top players make top yoyos, not the other way around.


I wonder if he likes marcus koh…