What do you think is the best 1a yoyo?

I know this might have been asked alot, but I’m going to do it anyways:

What do you think is the best 1a yoyo and why?

I can’t answer this question myself because I’m pretty new to yoyoing and I haven’t tried alot of them, but I’m curious of what you guys think. :slight_smile:

The answer is the Ti Walker.

The people below me are wrong.


Butterfly by Duncan. The people above me are wrong :slight_smile:

Barracuda has the best contest record.

Imperial by duncan. Everyone who said that everyone else is wrong is wrong. Not including me. Everyone above me and below me are also wrong.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that everyone besides me is wrong.

Lol dae think every body is wrong?

How did you get that username? How was it still not taken???

Double post…

Triple post…

Heh heh heh…quad post

Quintuple post. Man! Philip barely beat me to quadruple.

Anyways, back to the subject. I really like the Shutter.

I’m going to say Sleipnir for now. I’m getting my hands on a Greed soon and judging by the shape/specs my opinion is subject to change.

Chief but I’m getting a Sleipnir soon sooo

Best all around 1A yoyo is generally considered to be the CLYW Chief.

In my opinion it is the General Yo Prestige.

Werrd Fruiture, I was so sad when I had to give back the prototype I got to play with before Worlds :frowning: I’m definitely going to have to buy one eventually

G-Squared Quake

YYF new genesis 7075 edition

everything else is a lie.

It’s clear that the Fiesta XX is the best 1A YoYo in existence.

Psh, noobs.

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