What do you think is the best 1a yoyo?

Whatever one you think is the most fun.

So obviously all of them.

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yomega prodigy and spin dynamics flow

The best any “A” yoyo is the one you like the best. No other way around it.

All of them because everyone has different preferences.

Which yoyo is your favorite? Whatever the answer is, that is the best yoyo :wink:

That’s how I was gonna approach this.

Ignoring the cost(which I always do), the sOMEThING Anglam is my favorite. Clearly, it is an amazing yoyo, since it was the yoyo to win the 2012 Worlds 1A division, but like with any yoyo, in the hands of a true master, it was used to do amazing things. In my hands, it’s not so amazing.

Best is always a matter of opinion and preferences.

2011 was won with the Turning Point Positron. While a great yoyo, it’s not as good of a fit for me.

2013 was win using the Duncan Barracuda(as was 3A). I think this is Duncan’s finest effort to date for a metal yoyo and it shows. But, it’s not quite my style. I do like like this better than the Positron.

2010 was won using a Northstar. $35 plastic.

2009 was a Sleipnir? Forgive me for being wrong. Wow. Right up there for me with the Phenom and Anglam. I’m into V-type shapes.

All we can agree about is to disagree about what the best 1A yoyoy is. We’re all right.

I’m sure Mickey won one of his other titles with a Phenom.

In my personal opinion,

Straight up performance - wise: YoYoFactory 7075 “Doomsday” Genesis. Still the best performing throw I’ve ever played in terms of spin and stability. Honourable mention to the YYR Sleipnir and Gen-yo Majesty for also being incredibly well performing throws.

However, also factoring in price, value for money and general enjoyment of play, I feel that the best “all-round” 1A yoyo in my opinion is the Onedrop Rally. I own all 3 of the previously mentioned yoyos but my Rally gets more play time than any of them. =)

As has been mentioned though, this is just my preference. Horses for courses and all that jazz.

Big Yo.

All dissenters are wrong.

The yo-yo Fasano is coming out with.

There is no right or wrong answer. That’s one of the fun parts of collecting. You get a new experience every time. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Absolutely true, but I think my wallet wouldn’t agree if I wanted to have them all :wink:

It’s clearly the summit. Everyone else is a stupid nub.

But seriously, there is no real answer to this.