Best yoyos for 1a tricks

I want to know great yoyos for 1a tricks. I’m not going to buy so it doesn’t matter prizes.

There are just so many different kinds of tricks in 1A and so many different kinds of players so there’s really no ‘best’ yoyo, just the one that’s best for any particular person (and sometimes that doesn’t even exist).


that’s the question Caribou Lodge, One Drop, Yoyofactory, Yoyojam, Yomega, G-squared, Xcube, Duncan, 3yo3, Adegle, Anti-yo, Blood Brothers, C3, Chico, Crucial, Dif-e-yo, Dream yo, General-Yo, God trick, Hspin, ILOVEYOYO, Jazz Yo, Madhouse, MonkeyfingeR, Oxygene, Rebel Yoyo, Recreational Revolution, Shinwoo, sOMEThING, Spin Dynamics, SPYY, String Theory, Turning Point, Toxic, TenYoyo, Vs Newton, Yoyojoker, Yoyorecreation, Yoyoskeel, Werrd, and countless other companies have tried to answer over the years.

The best yoyo for 1A is the yoyo that works best for YOU. No one can really say what yoyo is the best for 1A. There are just so many unique yoyos ou there.

It’s all preference.

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Yomega X Brain of course


Go to the YYE store.

There. Done. Easy.

Anything that ain’t for looping and 4A, there is your answer.
Since you’re not buying, that’s the correct answer.

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If it doesn’t matter?


Just because it’s the most expensive doesn’t mean it’s the best…

True that.
But I’m saying, if price is no option.
Then jump at it!

Before you read this, realize that yoyoing is all about preference, and there no best. everything i am about to say is opinion based.

I have thrown most of the high end metals out there. From my own experience, the best playing yoyos i have used are the ones to come out of;

1.VS.NYYC- Heath just knows how to make yoyos. Skywalker blew me away, that was the best freshman efforts yoyo i have ever used, and easily one of the best yoyos i have ever used. FlyingHut is just incredible, as well is the Septopus, Battosai, SB Skywalker, and SADR, but the MoonWalker, phew there is just something special about this throw. It is like a Skywalker tuned to perfection. If i could only use one yoyo for the rest of my life, the MoonWalker would be it, no brainer.

2.YYR- The YYR shape, that layered angular… it just works. Blink is the best Japanese throw i have ever used. Mine had a slight vibe, but it was very easy to get over when i realized i had been doing combos for like 2 minutes and it had barely lost spin time. Sleipner, Gleipner, E=mc2, Mr. Butcher, Dreadnought, Clash, Messiah, these are yoyos that have been on top of the wants list for almost every yoyoer for quite awhile now, and for good reason. Going back to the Signature YYR shape, it allows for such precise weight distribution, that it just spins, and spins, and spins, and spins. Even their heavier throws zip thru the air, and maintain impeccable stability.

3.CLYW- The Chief has become the flagship high performance yoyo of all time it seems. nothing is more well known among yoyoers than the Chief. That double rim, just adds some mystic like quality about the yoyo. The AC and GE uses the same double rim, but are such different beasts. I’m glad CLYW has gone to the Negative catch zone with the Glacier Express, it suits them. With the next release of the Avalanche, I’m sure they will sell out fast, and for good reason.

there is no best yoyo.