What's The Best yoyo out there?

Hey guys. Just at my computer browsing for a new yoyo. I’ve watched a couple of vids from a couple of different sites and been getting mixed messages. So im gonna throw it out there. Whats the best yoyo out there?

depends on what you like.

Like many things, there is no best. It’s all personal preference. Just buy a yoyo that you think looks cool.

Rev G

First of off, welcome to YoYoExpert! Glad that you joined. By some of your information about your favorite trick and number of posts made, along with your question, I am going to ASSUME that you are a beginner (nothing wrong with that at all, lol). So let me break this down a bit for you.

Secondly, there is no “best yoyo”. You will get this alot, and, well, it’s true. It all comes down to personal preference. There is a lot of different factors that make a yoyo better than one another from an opinion point of view. Some people like heavy, some people like light, some people like undersized, some people like full-sized. Now obviously something like the “CLYW Avalanche” yoyo is better than say, the “YoyoFactory Velocity” to most people. However there is no best. There are new and improved yoyo’s coming out every few days/weeks, that there will most likely never be a “best yoyo”. My suggestion for your question is to try out a few different yoyo’s and find your personal preference. If you know any people that yoyo, ask them to try theirs out. They also have yoyo’s for you to try out at competitions and things like that. Or just buy some from this website and see what you like and what you don’t.

So this is really all I can say to you, I hope I helped. If you have any more questions, PLEASE feel free to ask me.

Dazzler, Draupnir, Laser… :slight_smile:

Thanks to all the people that replied. Need to check out that Rev G. To the person who said I was a beginner, im not (lol) but not an expert. The hardest trick I know is probably Kwijibo or Iron Whip or other different whips. I play 1A mostly but also 5A and 4A. I’ve heard that the Civility yoyo is great but I wanna be sure. As a side note I play unresponsive.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that question, i just think some people take it the wrong way. Imho, when people say that they mean “what do YOU think is the best yoyo.”

Draupnir is what you’re going to hear most regarding “best yoyo” throughout the world.

But like somebody has already said, its all personal preference. ESPECIALLY when you’re a beginner or intermediate. The yoyo isnt going to matter too much, you get more in depth when you’re advanced and making ur own stuff and know a good amount of complex tricks

Yeah go with the Rev G. Seriously the best yoyo I’ve ever played. Its looks may be deceiving because it looks different than most yoyos but it outplays them all. Trust me.

Thanks again i’ll check out that yoyo but still looking for suggestions. Another thing, anyone got Steve Brown’s Roll Model limited edition. Cause it’s the one im throwing with right now and its pretty good. Looking for opinions.

Just got done searching for that Rev G first of all didn’t find it need specifications and I also looked on other forums and they said that the ratio of price and play was terrible. Any responses?

People are messing with you. There’s no such thing as the “best yoyo.” There is however a worst yoyo which is the Rev G.

Ok Nathan that was strong. Thanks for the info. But for an advanced yoyoer who plays 1A and unresponsive what would you suggest?

Sorry for trolling with you, companies I would look into if I were you are CLYW, One Drop, Werrd and G-Squared. Really there is not best yoyo. It all comes down to what you like. Its alll trial and error eventually you’ll figure out what "the best’ yoyo is.

Price? Current yoyos you enjoy? Gotta give us something…

I’ll give you everything then. I use the Roll Model yoyo, im a pretty advanced thrower been yo-yoing for about 4 years and im willing to spend 80$ to 120$ bucks

With a Google search of “world’s best yoyo”…

Best one in "un"mass production lol.

I’d say you’re more in the intermediate range since you said your best tricks are kwyjibo and iron whip and i’m assuming you haven’t started making up your own tricks and combos yet.

For an intermediate, at that trick level, I’d say a Roll Model is more than good enough for your needs at the moment