A message to any new or fairly new yoyoers.

I have noticed an abundance of people asking if, Y is better than X, or does this yoyoer sleep longer than this one, or is this yoyo better for this or that, etc.

There is NO best yoyo, or better yoyo, or whatever, only best for you.

In defence of the new guys, they’re just putting feelers out in case one of the throws they’re tossing up between is a total dud and/or for some comparisons between the two (even if the comparisons are purely subjective).



I’m not bashing the new guys, just want to make sure they know this so they don’t get a kazillion replys in your thread saying “There is no best yoyo” when you ask which yoyo is better.

Very true.
Although new yoyoers are still going to go to this site and post if they want y yoyo or x yoyo. Chances are they won’t see this thread, or any other thread about this topic, and go right on to asking their question. The only thing we can do is be patient and answer every single one.

On the flip-side this is still important to say.

As a new yoyoer, I can say this:

I bought a ball bearing yoyo (a Yomega Raider) just thinking I was going to get better at the classic (beginner!) tricks. I didn’t even know that yoyoing had evolved. A few YouTube and Google searches later, and I had discovered modern unresponsive yoyo play (not to mention the other styles!), and knew I would have to get a yoyo.

Messing around for a few days, making one “what should I get” request on chat, and I quickly realized I just needed to get “something” and not to obsess. It may not win in the “look at my beautiful throw” department, and I’m sure it vibes more than a more expensive metal, but the “New” Velocity by YYF is serving me very well for now. That’s the key: “now”. I’m learning and throwing rather than online shopping, researching, and obsessing.

Just get a yoyo in your hand.



Thank you for clearing that up. there is really no best anything.

yes a yoyo is better than another yoyo, you cant prove to me a fast 201 is better for 1a than a superstar i just wont believe it

I don’t know… if you put it in Jensen Kimmitt’s hands…


Exactly. If you gave a Fast 201 to Jensen and a Superstar to somebody who just learned how to bind, I will bet you that Jensen would win.

The yoyoer makes the yoyo.

It’s not the throw, it’s the thrower

I’ve seen guys do things with a Duncan Imperial I would never thought that little dime store throw could do in anyone’s hands. You can buy a Stradivarius, it won’t make you a violinist.

This isn’t to say there are not yoyos out there which are superior to others. There certainly are. However that superiority is to only be fully appreciated in the hands of an accomplished player. If someone is just starting out a YYJ Classic can serve them just as well as a CLYW Chief or other high end product don’t you think?

sad but true right?

Good for you man :slight_smile: you did what takes some people years of practice, haha. I’m proud of ya.

I personally think it is highly beneficial to get opinions from others in the community who have actually used the Yoyos.

Im new as well and i will still ask

there are always exceptions. some yoyo’s play good for 1a. Some 1a yoyo’s are good for 5a but not all. some metal yoyo’s are good for 3a but not any yoyo is. Please be specific when asking what yoyo’s you are asking about. I don’t mind people asking. Just put it in the correct forum.

I don’t think there’s anything at all wrong with asking. What should probably be said, rather than simply not to ask, is that the question “which is best?” is the wrong question.

What will get you a lot further are questions specific to the yoyo’s play that are important to you personally. How does the finish grind? Would current owners describe it to be fast, or very stable compared to other throws? Does it seem especially wide, tall or heavy?

You’ll get a much better feel for which type of yoyo is right for you if you narrow down your search criteria this way. I know it can be tough when you’re brand new but at least try to think about posting your questions in a way that allows us to really help you.

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I completely agree, but getting opinions doesn’t mean one is better than the other.