regardin' 'which is better?' posts...


just a small request to the general yye community.

pls. refrain from makin’ ‘which is the better yo yo’ posts. i think what some of you are tryin’ to say is - i’ve been thinkin’ ‘bout gettin’ yo yo ‘a’ or ‘b’. can anyone give me their thoughts on either?

it just makes the post seem more genuine, sincere and all around more intelligent.



partly cloudy…


What yoyo is better? mgodinez or jrodriguez :smiley:

Just kiddin, love ya both


If you know what they are trying to say, why make a thread about it? LOL

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Because the answer is always " it’s preference and there is no best." Don’t you get tired of saying and hearing that people? I do!

What mgodinez is saying makes sense! I’d rather hear real opinions and experiences of a yoyo.

As far as which yoyo is better: mgodinez or jrod I couldn’t say but I’ve heard they can be a little loopy. ;D


I like loopers a lot!!!


I am SO with this. Please, can we stop doing the “what is your favorite yoyo?” and “what is your favorite string?” posts please? They always result in the same conclusion – and yet these threads pop up every week.

EDIT: By the by, to the mods: I’m just one person in the community, and I do take a peek at the this forum quite often. But if you were to just delete any new “what’s your favorite…?” or “Which yoyo must you have?” post on sight, with great prejudice, I wouldn’t mind it at all! :wink:

People need to learn how to use the search bar anyways. They can find an old one.

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Thanks for this Mgodinez, I’m getting tired of the same thread 50 times a day with the same answer.


As an amateur yoyo-er, I like to hear the preference of a more advanced player.
I post up to hear peoples opinions on yoyos that are void of reviews.
It is kinda lame when the only information you get on a triple digit yoyo is a one-two paragraph description, which rarely describes the initial play of said yoyo.
For example, I was looking into getting an El Ranchero. Prior to posting a thread such as the one regarding the one the mods detest, I combed the internet for personal reviews and the dynamcs of play.
Another example-
Spyy Dynamo’s summary of play is just, “A fresh new start for Spyy”. You are saying people are willing to spend $120.00 on a yoyo we barley know anything about. I found these forums based on finding an advanced players preference, and it has helped since. Sorry if I scum up the Child Boards, but I do occasionally need references/recommendations.


If I am correct it is the not the nature of the question but the way it is posed.

I have always told anyone who is interested to find others who share your passion. When you have other throwers around they will let you throw their stuff (within reason) and as you will for them. BST is a great way to ask questions of an owner of a yoyo most will not mind as long as you don’t stalk them. Asking is one thing and out right bother people is another. Not to mention the person getting rid of the throw will be more honest as to why they didn’t like it, rather than a review.


Turning Point. Turning Point is better.

Turning Point. Best point.


Your point is well taken. Failing to educate newer players of the pros & cons of any given throw would be indeed a failure of one of our primary missions here at the YYE forums. Please understand it’s not inquiries about the superiority or short comings of any given yoyo which is being denounced here. Those questions are always welcome. It’s the query; “Which is better…”. The reason for the aversion to this line is inevitably there is no valid answer.

i.e., Which is better, the YoYoJam Trinity or YoYoFactory Genesis. There are certainly arguments to be made for cost comparison, diameter & weight, bearings, spin times, etc. Legitimate defenses can be made for both products. Dude A is confident the Trinity is the better yoyo while Fella B is adamant his Genesis is the best yoyo he’s ever owned regardless of the fact is less expensive. So who’s right? Without a doubt, neither one. For one guy one throw is the very best in the world and for the next guy a completely different product cannot be beat by any other yoyo on the market. The bottom line, there is no best, there are just personal favorites. And one persons opinion doesn’t have precedent over the next persons preference.

This is what gets so tiresome, the “which is best” question that comes up 4 or 5 times a day. There is no legitimate answer to that question, just personal preference. As mgodinez said, “I’m trying to decide between a Trinity or Genesis for my next buy, what are your guy’s thoughts?” may seem like the same question, however it is really quite different in it’s nature.


if someones asking “which is better?” they are asking for your opinion. Your opinion may be “x throw is better than y yoyo.” Someone may have a different opinion. They aren’t asking for one answer. End of story.




I’d also like it if people would post these questions and leave some sort of indication as to what sort of thing they’re looking for in a yoyo and/or how long they’ve been throwing for. Help us to help you!


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I think that question is still “versus” in its nature. I think a person is more likely to get more thoughtful answers if they ask about each yoyo independently. For example: “does anyone have any experience with the Trinity?”. Wait a few days and ask the same about a Genesis. I predict fewer arguments and less fanboy hype.


I understand completely. Thanks guys, i will do better in the future. :slight_smile:


I tend to agree with this. I know what they mean, so if I have an opinion I want to share, I share it, and if I am tired if a topic coming up, I simply do not click on it to view it. Other questions pop up just as often, but no one complains about them, such as favorite player threads. I’m tired of them now, but as new players pop up on Youtube, it is always a valid discussion for a forum. The reality is, there is a “best” or “better” yo-yo in my opinion, and if someone wants to know that opinion of what is best, I will share my thoughts. I always thought of the word “best” or “better” as implying an opinion anyway.

Issue with the request, is that new people register all the time, and they will not heed the request anyway, as they mean no harm, just trying to learn and make friends. Even if the thread topic is made into a rule or stickied, it will have no affect, because the question is a valid question for a forum. I don’t remember seeing the “which is best” posts popping up with comparison of the same exact two yo-yos that often either. I don’t believe there is malice by any kid joining the forum and posting that. I take no offense and only find it as annoying as other things I see on here.

I usually cannot help them because I never have the two yo-yos they want compared anyway. I’m not annoyed at the question at all. I’m more annoyed at people being annoyed.

Which is better?

Miriam-Webster says better is defined as (read from 3 on in this context):
1: greater than half

: improved in health or mental attitude
: more attractive, favorable, or commendable
: more advantageous or effective
: improved in accuracy or performance

The questions are fine the way they are.


Lexos, please know that none of this thread was in anyway directed towards you. There never has been any civic violations made by anyone, no crimes have been committed. No one is wishing to make a federal case out of this. The goal of the moderators here I believe is to avoid ever stating this yo-yo here is better than that yoyo over there.

Totalartist, as always your post is very well stated and came very close to changing my mind on this. I just hate it when you and I find ourselves on different sides in a conversation. I respect your skills and opinions a great deal. The reason I believe it matters that we avoid words like “better” is that such adjectives move us from a discussion of yoyos in general to promotion of particular throws over another. We don’t wish to promote anyone’s merchandise over others except when it is in the form of billable advertising.

As an example, I own a Avant Garde II as well as a Genesis. (These are both YYF products so I feel a bit safer comparing them without offending.) In actuality I prefer my Genesis to my AG II although I paid nearly twice as much for the Avant Garde. If I were to say the Genesis is the better of the two however I feel I have crossed a line claiming my feeble personal opinion is a gospel certainty. That would be arrogant and foolish. Maybe by this time next year my skills will have improved and I will then prefer my Avant Garde II. My opinion may change but no facts will.

Facts is facts, preferences are just preferences, and almost anyone else’s opinion holds more water than mine. :smiley:


Hey Banjo, I don’t think we disagree at all really, :wink: I guess it is a mere rephrasing of some of the inquiries that would make it easier to swallow. I’m not excited to see the threads, I tend to skip over them. Also, giving the mods credit, they are forced more than the rest of us to skim through all these posts, so part of it is that I have the luxury of skipping over a lot of threads, where they feel compelled to take a look. I will admit that much. I skip them because I usually do not have the two throws to compare. But I also keep in perspective that the forum would not exist without the store, and if a potential customer (regardless of age) wants to know opinions from the rest of us, and we know they want opinions, we could be a bit more kind about offering the opinion, despite the phrasing of their question. I think it goes back to the thread Ghost8982 started about “Hazing the Newbies.” I think us older yo-yoers can show the younger folks forum etiquette in a kind way, pass on knowledge and all while making them feel good about asking us something again. Based on the definition I posted, which is “better” clearly means…which is “favorable.” So, I saw the issue not with the question but the interpretations of the question. Also, don’t the questions get moved to the Child boards anyway? I thought so. I don’t think any of us are clamoring about those threads, but I hope my position is at least a bit more clear. :wink:


‘the which is better’ question does not always equate to a thoughtful, constructive reply.

which is better, a or b. b!

and that’s it.

why is b, better? what are your experiences w/ a?

though ‘which is better’ may imply give me your thoughts on each - the replies often do not reflect this. i’m just tryin’ to say that rephrasin’ the question to specifically give reasons as to why one yo yo is ‘better’ than the other may render more specific replies - i.e. opinions and thoughts on the yo yos shape, play, feel, etc.

replies namin’ one yo yo or the other w/o any more details is not helpful to me. hence the topic…



big hug, pre’ :slight_smile: